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Juice Lubes tool-up tire insert compatible tubeless valves

juice lubes tubeless valves pink tire insert compatible spoke key tools valve core removal cap
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This year has brought an interesting array of new tubeless valves, most notable of which are the “Hi Flow No Clog” offerings from 76 Projects and Reserve Wheels. In their own unique ways, both offer 4X the airflow of the regular Presta Valve, as well as a markedly reduced tendency to become blocked by sealant. We tested the more affordable one from 76 Projects; while we were, happily, able to confirm its claims, the eight-part nature made it rather fiddly to install. A lot of folk will, I am sure, continue to be happy with the performance of their regular Presta tubeless valves, as they have been for decades, even if it does mean having to remove the valve core every once in a while to clear away coagulated sealant.

Seemingly, the folk at Juice Lubes fall into the latter category, having just released their latest tubeless valves with the age-old Presta design… it’s the valve cap that sets them apart from the rest.

Juice Lubes Tubeless Valves

juice lubes tubeless valves black core removal tool 3.2mm 3.4mm spoke nipple keys tire insert compatible

Juice Lubes’ latest tubeless valves are machined from 7075 Aluminium and come armed with no fewer than three tools integrated into the valve cap. At the base of the valve cap is a valve core remover (fairly standard nowadays). A the tip of the valve cap are two spoke keys; one for 3.2mm nipples and the other for 3.4mm nipples. The difference is very subtle, but having the correct size spoke key is important – using a spoke key that is too big runs the risk of rounding off the surfaces of the spoke nipple.

Allegedly, the combination of the valve core removal tool with the two spoke keys makes the Juice Lubes Tubeless Valves the most “tooled-up” tubeless valves on the market. Comparable are Peaty’s tubeless valves; they feature a valve core removal tool and a 3.4mm spoke key, but those two functions are split between the two valve caps – if you lose one, then you lose that function.

The valve’s base is tire-insert friendly. The machined holes are positioned such that air and tire sealant flow out the sides, rather than out the bottom, so a tight-fitting tire insert won’t block them. The valves come with the choice of three different rubber grommets to suit varying rim bed shapes, allowing riders to choose whichever one is most likely to form the best air-tight seal.

Another feature of note is the 4mm Allen head on the base (not shown); that will come in handy when instaling the tubeless valve, making it easier to get leverage on the base in relation to the outboard lock-ring when cinching everything down tight.

Pricing & Availability

juice lubes tubeless valves silver teal black bronze red purple pink

Juice Lubes Tubeless Valves are available in 48mm and 65mm lengths to suit rim depths over 30mm and 45mm deep, respectively. Black, Copper, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver and Teal options are all available at £24.99 per pair. They ship in packaging made entirely from cardboard.


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1 year ago

Did I miss the benefit statement? Do I need spoke wrenches on my valve stems?

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