After testing different fits for months throughout several Asian countries, Kask has developed a larger size option for its popular Mojito road bike helmet.

Called the Mojito XL, it bumps the max head size it’ll fit to 64cm, up from 62cm for the size large. It’s also the shape that gets tweaked, too, and they say it serves a need in the Asian market. Of course, anyone that has an oversized noggin can appreciate another option, particularly a top level lid.

The standard Mojito features will carry over, including hypoallergenic eco-leather chinstrap, full in-molded polycarbonate shell that wraps around the bottom of the helmet, anti-bacterial/microbial Sanitized pads, and vertically adjustable cranium cradle with gel padding.

More pics below…



This prototype was fresh out of the oven when we saw it at Taipei Show in March.


The Mojito comes in a massive array of color combos, including plenty with hi-vis hues. No word on color selection for the XL yet, but the helmet should be available soon.


The Protone aero road helmet…


…and visor equipped Life Style urban helmets were also on display. We covered both in detail at Eurobike last fall.



  1. Pablo Escobar on

    Am I mistaken or has this helmet add just created a new racial stereotype? Seems a bit odd to me…….
    I can see it now. Rider walks through the shop door, staff greet rider with a warm smile, Rider says ‘hey i’d like to buy a new helmet’ Kask floor staff say. ‘Sure, where were you born?’
    Kask Marketing department! FAIL!!!!!!!!

  2. Liwen on

    @Pable Escobar I am an Asian living in Taiwan. The Asians do have a different head shape which is rounder and flatter in the back when comparing to the Caucasian head. It’s good to see more “Asian fits” are available.

  3. gringo on

    @ Senor Escobar.

    No, Asian Fit is not evil and it’s nothing new per se. Oakley for instance has a line of Asian fit goggles and some glasses as well.

    people are different, nothing racist or mean about it….I just wish they made ‘honkey with a big nose and triangular head fit’ as well.

  4. Pablo Escobar on

    Hockey fit! I think you’re onto something there @gringo. Genius! I will be asking for an ‘Anglo Irish, ginger, mid 40’s fit’ currently I’m using an icecream bucket! Fits perfect.

  5. AK on

    Regardless of the fact that this helmet was designed with the needs of the Asian market in mind, the branding as “Asian fit” is unacceptable. Imagine if a product was released with the description as “black fit” or “Mexican fit”. Even if those products were designed to serve those specific markets, the use of sweeping generalizations to reduce the fit down to some ethnic group is disgusting.

    What makes this helmet “Asian fit” is the fact that it is larger and likely rounder. So why not have that display card say “Mojito XL – try the large/round fit” ? That description explains the helmet much better than simply calling it “Asian fit”. To make the ridiculous assumption that all Asian people have a specific shape/fit to their heads(thus labeling something “Asian fit” makes as much sense as assuming anyone (read: even non Asians) who buys this product is actually Asian.

    @Gringo- Just because there are other products out there that reinforce this sort of casual racism does not make it ok. You do not have to look back that far to see that segregation was “nothing new per se” in America, yet we can all see just how wrong that was.

  6. dockboy on

    Several shoe brands offer “Asian fit” lasts, as well. If the unifying description of a particular design is continental in nature, is it so terrible? Having fit hundreds of helmets, I can tell you that “Asian fit” does exist for good reason.

  7. Pablo Escobar on

    Agree completely @AK.
    @dockboy Asia is a huge continent and has a vast array of ethnicity. So how is it in any way accurate or ok to lump all of these people into one head size.

  8. AK on

    I think you are missing the point here. There is nothing wrong with Kask or any other company addressing the needs of a certain demographic. In this case they are filling the need for larger rounder helmets for people with large/round heads. This may be a demographic that is predominantly in Asia, but there is nothing Asian about having a large/round head. Being Asian does not mean you have a large round head any more than having a large/round head makes you Asian. The use of “Asian fit” stereotypes Asian individuals as it assumes they all have the same type of body.

    Let me give an example how this same mentality is clearly racist when applied to other races/ethnicity. In America, Mexican and African American individuals have been statistically proven to have higher rates of obesity. (Just hit the google and see all the government funded studies etc.) Makers of clothing undoubtedly see this trend and will produce larger sizes for this demographic. Clothing is labeled s/m/l/xl etc. Imagine if they renamed xxl “Mexican fit”, it certainly exists for a good reason, Mexican Americans are more likely to be obese, yet that is completely racist.

    tl/dr: The “Asian fit” terminology is completely racist. There is nothing “Asian” about a helmet designed for larger/rounder heads and if this type of labeling was applied to other races, everyone would be freaking out.

  9. devil's advocate on

    I totally understand where all of the above arguments are coming from. Where do you draw the line for what is acceptable and not. Were Kask’s actions out of hate or a bias? Were they trying to slight anyone?

  10. Chikashi Miyamoto on

    To those who have taken offence by Kask’s description, please relax. Many Asians like me have a certain head shape and find most helmets made for the western markets to be uncomfortable. Those helmets, in turn, are made in a shape that is intended to fit a majority of people in the western market. Is that racial profiling?

    The PC brigade get their knickers in a knot very easily whilst in this instance the alleged victims like me find it a helpful, easily understood description.

    A question for those who have taken offence: how do you characterise those helmet brands who do not offer models that fit heads with a shape prevalent amongst Asians? You haven’t yet proposed an alternative, ‘PC’ description, but if you are leaning towards ’round’ or some such word that describes a geometric shape, I should mention that it may not be prudent to assume that Asian consumers actually know why western brand helmets don’t fit or how their heads are shaped.

    Kask, well done. Now, could you please consider offering an Asian fit version of the Infinity?

  11. Steve on

    I have a huge, oddly shaped noggin, and helmet shopping is a very frustrating experience. If Kask wants to market a helmet for cranial-challenged people like me, I don’t care what they call it, as long as it fits. Thank you, bike rumor, for letting me know this helmet exists.

  12. Sam on

    I have round head and it’s hard to find a good fitting helmet.
    Would love to try the Mojito XL when it is available.
    I like the protone very much as well. I was able to put on the L size protone but the strap is tight under my ears and rubbing them. I was worry that it might cause abrasion on long ride and didn’t purchase it.
    I wish Kask will make protone XL as well. 🙂

  13. Mak on

    Been waiting patiently for this to be released in the UK.
    Is this product name called, “Mojito XL” or is it “Mojito” in the XL size or are they the same thing?? I haven’t been able to find the former anywhere.


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