KCNC didn’t disappoint – their skewers came in at just 35g for the pair on our scale thanks to machining on the axle itself. The look is like a titanium Lego axle for your bike.

From there, things only got better…


These brakes are a prototype at the moment. The cable pulls the opposite arm while a link articulates the left side for more power. They’re not the lightest we’ve seen…



For the multitasking cyclist that has everything, there’s a new fully machined iPhone holder. Seriously, check out the amount of CNC work on the backside. It clamps down using an Allen bolt on top. Hardcore.


New Aerobar gets an adjustable bullhorn with new extensions that have sharper bends than the prior version. Extensions are adjustable fore/aft.


Flat sections can angle down as much as 21.6° by loosening the center bolt. The horns can extend outward changing the bar’s width from 390mm up to 420mm.

Weight is 860g without pads.


  1. Ventruck on

    Jesus @ the machining in those brakes and iphone holder. Not totally catching on to how the actuation works on the brakes though.

  2. professorVelo on

    be wary of KCNC. I bought some of their skewers and they’re light, but work badly and feel very cheap – not worth chancing on parts that hold wheels on and stop you.

  3. Rob on

    professor, they’ve been making brakes for some time, and while not known to be the strongest, I’ve not seen any reports of failure. They are fairly popular among weightweenies.


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