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Kickstand: New Cruiser Bicycle Magazine Launching in June

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PRESS RELEASE: Yup, we’re launching a magazine (are you crazy my mother asks) we’ve discovered that there’s a pent up need for a lifestyle cruiser magazine, so look for it starting in June. A companion website, CruiserRide.com will launch simultaneously

In June, a gaping hole in the bicycle industry and cruiser bicycle culture will finally get filled with the launch of Kickstand Magazine.

Without a doubt, the people behind Kickstand are obsessed with bicycles: cruiser bicycles to be precise. They are also obsessed with riding with friends, meeting new people, exploring new places, immersing themselves in cruiser culture and maybe sharing a drink or two along the way.

In the past few years cruiser bike riding has turned into a rapidly growing culture, and the passionate people behind Kickstand and its companion website CruiserRide.com will be the voice of the people who just love to cruise.

kickstand-circleofdeath kickstand-cruiserbike

Through social networking on the web and compelling stories of the people, places and gear in the cruiser bicycle industry, Kickstand will become the source for enthusiasts, retailers and manufacturers alike.

Kickstand will reach cruisers of all ages in all geographic areas and create a viral, grassroots social network by celebrating the loose community that already exists and supporting the cruiser bike rides that define this rich, fun-filled niche.

Why now? Why here? Why this? Why Kickstand?

Because an industry and its customers want and need a unifying communication tool—one that celebrates the unique nature of the characters that define cruiser style as well as the bikes that are their flags of freedom and individuality.

In addition to celebrating cruiser bikes and the people who ride them, Kickstand also celebrates an industry that has been defying all odds amid an economy in shambles. Cruiser bikes are responsible for almost 7 percent of the $6 billion annual biking industry and have posted an average annual growth rate of 20 percent since 2006. Kickstand knows that cruiser bikes are much more than an affordable fashion accessory; they are a statement of style that are here to stay.

And Kickstand will chronicle the swinging of the style pendulum with glorious photos, compelling stories and chic design in a format that needs no batteries. Kickstand will cover local, regional and national cruiser events, bike reviews, industry gossip, news, products, fashion, music and cruiser accessories.

The brainchild of Brad K. Evans, and published by the Human Powered Transit Authority, Kickstand magazine is a publication with a national distribution of approximately 100,000 issues that will land in select bike shops and subscribers’ mail boxes this June.

About Human Powered Transit Authority

The principals of Human Powered Transit Authority see the world and its inhabitants as high art. From the smallest detail to the really big picture, we strive to create, encourage, promote and publicize all that is interesting, fun, smart and thoughtful. We seek to illuminate these qualities and foster them in the relationships we build among ourselves, our readers, our sponsors and our friends. Promoting and encouraging a new-old way of getting around by empowering dreamers and encouraging those who do differently, we hope to gain new, positive insights into ourselves, our world and our future forms of mobility.

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