Kickstarter Project: Wandertec Tuba Bike Trailer, Carries Just About Everything

Wandertec Tuba Large Bike Trailer

Currently in the Kickstarter foundry is the Wandertec Tuba Bike Trailer, an accessory that’ll haul unreasonably high amounts of cargo. It’s meant to replicate the load capacity of a car trunk. Available in two sizes, the extra large holds 11,000 cubic inches, the large 7700 cubic inches. Wandertec uses an aluminum frame and a lightweight Baltic birch plywood bed and includes segments throughout to attach straps to secure cargo. They’re using the same hitch system Chariot Bike trailers uses, attaching to the rear axle on the non-drive side, and I imagine they’ve worked out the kinks since the recall.

They let you build it from the ground up, starting with the aluminum frame and wheels, with an optional load bed, rail system, liner, and rain cover (all pictured above). Decked out with all upgrades, pricing for large is $659, $679 for the extra large. Wandertec estimates that the trailer will ship this September.

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