Recall 4ZA Threadless Carbon Stem

Announced this week is a recall by Ridley Bikes on 4ZA threadless carbon stems. Reason being, they’ll crack or break. Roughly 105 units were sold between January 2005 and April 2010 with one report of the danger resulting in minor injuries. The recall ranges to all stems like the one pictured in sizes 90mm to 130mm. For more info, contact Quality Bicycle Products at (877) 745-7703 between 8AM and 6PM CT Monday through Friday or visit the website. Full recall info here.

More recalls after the break…

Recall Public Bikes Pedal

Public Bikes recalled all 2010-2012 bicycles because the Wellgo pedals can snap. 24 reports have surfaced without injuries. Subject to the recall are 18 models of men’s and women’s bikes in various colors sold for between $500-$1,250. Printed on the down tube on a metal badge are numbers – 1-5843, 5845, 12560, 20743 and 20757. Also, the badgeless “Apple” model is recalled.

Contact Public Bikes at (855) 840-1400 between 9AM and 4PM PT Monday through Friday or visit the website. Full recall info here.

Recall Chariot Child BIcycle Trailers Chariot Carriers recalled all Chariot bicycle trailers and trailer conversion kits manufactured between October 2002 through August 2011. Reason being, the hitch mechanisms can snap disconnecting the trailer from the bike. The recall spans 44,000 bicycle trailers and 70,000 bicycle trailer conversion kits. Receiving 24 reports of incident, no injuries have been reported. Recalled trailers are marked with serial numbers 1205-xxxx to 0710-xxxx on the left side of the frame. Serial numbers depict manufacture dates – 1205 corresponds to December 2005, etc. Conversion kits have the model number 20100503. Unlabeled push button release trailer conversion kits are also recalled.

Contact Chariot Carriers at (800) 262-8651 between 10AM and 630PM ET Monday through Friday or visit the website. Full recall info here.


  1. Thanks Bubbrubb for asking. 44,000 Chariot Trailers are recalled in addition to 70,000 trailer conversion kits. I added that info to the article.

  2. The Chariot recall has been out for 5 months. Your local chariot dealer can order the parts and install them in 5-10 minutes, easy fix.

  3. The Chariots are great trailers I have had one for years. Pulled many, many miles on and off road. Love that thing. I’m sad my kid is just about getting too big for it now.

  4. @plum: about the same time we stop referring to pedals as clipless. It is what it is, who cares what its called.

  5. A very similar stem, if not identical apart from a constant dia central carbon section, was recalled by another brand years ago. I still have one somewhere – tbh it looked so dodgy I never fitted it.

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