With the new Shotgun Pro Seat, Kids Ride Shotgun. It’s right there in the name. And now, thanks to a new frame-contact-free design, it’s even easier to mount the Shotgun Pro to just about any bike — including ebikes.

Kids Ride Shotgun Pro Child Seat on bike with child and dad


If the name doesn’t make it clear, the Shotgun Pro child seat is designed to offer a saddle and ‘pedals’ to support your little one, between you and the handlebar. Children are then able to hold onto the handlebar, inside of your arms which help corral them and keep them in place. It’s a concept that has been around since the 90’s, and one that hasn’t changed since Kids Ride Shotgun introduced their first model around two years ago.

Kids Ride Shotgun Pro Child Seat

What has changed is the method of attachment. The original Shotgun seat clamped down on the frame, which was fine for some bikes, but not so good for carbon frames or ebikes with large downtubes.

Now, the Shotgun Pro model mounts to the steerer tube and seat post, similar to other products out there like the Mac Ride. Kids Ride Shotgun states that their product stands out for the addition of tool free adjustments like leg length and saddle angle, in addition to fitting all mountain bikes with a 1 1/8″ upper steerer, including ebikes.

child bike seat on top tube

stem requirements for Kids Ride Shotgun Pro Child Seat

You will need a special headset spacer though, which is what the front clamp attaches to. More than one bike in the family? The Pro model includes two of these 10mm headset spacers so you can quickly swap from one ride to another. Adapters may be needed for certain bikes including those with the Trek Knock Block and Scott Syncros headsets, and it is not compatible with threaded headsets with quill stems. You’ll also need to make sure you have room under your stem, which could be an issue if you’re running a super short stem that is slammed.

Kids Ride Shotgun Pro Child Seat on specialized ebike

Compatible with all seat post sizes, including dropper posts, you’ll need at least 14mm of exposed seat post (not the upper dropper tube) in order for it to fit.

Designed for kids aged 2-5, and up to 60lbs, there’s no harness so the child should be able to support themselves. An optional kid’s handlebar is also available if you want to give them a better spot to hold onto.

Available now from your local bike retailer, the Shotgun Pro Seat is priced at $250.



  1. Huffagnolo SuperMagna on

    Man can I rent a child sized human airbag and have a waiver so I don’t get in trouble if they die? This would be an excellent product if so!

    • Bob on

      I’m not entirely sure why you want your child in front of you while riding? Do you drive your car with your child on your lap?


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