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Kit Radar launches as one-stop-shop for innovative cycling start-up gadgets & tech

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Do you love cycling and outdoor tech products, but are tired of sifting through untold numbers of Kickstarter pages? Kit Radar is a UK-based outfit that has your answer, as a young, innovative online retailer that caters specifically to small startups and exciting products. With over 2,000 products already selling, it’s the perfect spot to find your next gadget – or launch your next brand.

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Kit Radar online retail for cycling start-ups

While we try to stay on top of cool product launches and Kickstarter campaigns at Bikerumor, even we have trouble keeping up. Kit Radar is here to help, acting as a hub of information and sales for new and small brands that otherwise wouldn’t be able to get a significant retail presence. Check out the press release below, with a handful of select product images that we found interesting.

The Louri saddle and frame straps are a minimalist way to carry… almost anything.


10 May, 2019, Oxfordshire, UK – Every year, some 5000 new sports brands are launched, driven by innovation, creativity and passion. The challenge they all share is to get noticed and find a foothold in the busy cycling industry. New online retailer KitRadar.com is changing that by uniting them.

Already 2000+ products strong, Kit Radar is aiming to disrupt retail by helping early adopting cyclists to find something fresh, new, and exciting.

The Lumos bike helmet uses an app to control a headlight, tail light, and even turn signals.

Kit Radar is a hub where cyclists can discover fantastic new products and where small brands can enjoy the reach of our much greater scale. Whether you’re bored of the same big brands or you’re looking for a niche product to solve a particular problem, start-ups and small firms have so much to offer. These are the disruptors, the innovators, the mould-breakers of the cycling industry.

This is the future of cycling.

Sore and tired? The Recoup Cryosphere combines ice with massage to get you back in action.

Journalists will also find Kit Radar to be a valuable resource, with new brands being added regularly. Instead of trying to track thousands of crowd-funding projects, simply click to KitRadar.com to see what’s new, available and of interest to your readers. The range is huge, from Bluetooth connected helmets, to post-training recovery aids, to small accessories that can make all the difference to your ride experience, and much more.

Kit Radar was founded by Dr Bryan Roberts and Peter Smith. Previously, both worked as R&D specialists in the sporting goods industry, with clients including Nike, Reebok, Puma, and Lululemon. As ‘futurists’, their work included studies of new innovations, often from start-ups, and they became acutely aware of the gulf between these brands’ ingenuity and marketing capacity.

Rinsten has a unique solution to adding some impact absorption to your bike.

Co-founder Dr Bryan Roberts commented, “Individually, start-up brands struggle to be heard against the big brands. Even those that get some attention during crowd-funding can be forgotten by the time their product is on sale and too many fall by the wayside because they lack the marketing budget to go with their great idea. Our aim is to combine these small voices into a big roar by giving cyclists a single destination where they can discover the most exciting new brands.”

Co-founder Peter Smith commented, “We want to help cyclists get the most from their sport, whether in races or bike-packing adventures. To do that, we believe you need the best products and we know that many of the best ideas come from start-ups. These small brands can be hard to come across, though, so we had the idea to bring together as many as possible in one place, and that’s how Kit Radar was born.”

If you’re trying to stay more visible, these reflective covers from Spatz Wear can help.

Through the Ambassador Review Program, Kit Radar also offers cyclists the chance to receive free product in exchange for an in-depth review. Not only do these reviews benefit customers, we also use them to select the best products to stock.

Kit Radar is not simply a portal. We have our own warehouse with over 150 brands in stock, including around a dozen (and counting) that are exclusive to Kit Radar in the UK. We ship internationally and offer free postage on orders over £50.

About Kit Radar
Kit Radar is an online retailer of sporting goods with an emphasis on cycling and running. Kit Radar was started in earnest early 2017 by Dr Bryan Roberts and Peter Smith, with the mission of gathering start-ups and small innovative brands into one place in order to help those brands and their potential customers to find each other.


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