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Kitsbow launches New Fits of their Icon Flannel in time for Fall Flannel Season!

Kitbow Apparel Icon Shirt for WomenPhoto c. Kitsbpw Cycling Apparel
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It’s flannel season! Time to slip on that comfy plaid shirt and get out for a ride… but you’ve put on some weight over the winter, eh? Not to fear, Kitsbow Cycling Apparel now offers more sizes than ever of their Icon Flannel.

With the introduction of the new Ample Athletic fit for women, Kitsbow now offers 59 different fit and size options of their Icon Shirts in a curated collection of plaid wools, heathered wools, and denim.

Kitsbow Apperal Icon Shirt Womens Ample Athletic Fit
Photo c. Kitsbow Cycling Apparel. Womens Icon shirt in the Ample Athletic Fit

The Icon is offered in two cuts for men in the Signature Fit and Relaxed Athletic Fit. The women’s Icon shirt has two cuts as well, the Icon Shirt for Women and the Ample Athletic Fit.

Signature Fit

This fit has fitted shoulders and a fitted torso. It’s slimmer and more form-fitting. Kitsbow says it’s a “more traditional true-to-size garment”.

Icon Shirt for Women

This fit is designed with a women’s frame in mind, enhancing the body shape while leaving room in the chest and hips.

Relaxed Athletic Fit

This version of the Icon is cut with more room in the shoulders and chest allowing for what Kitsbow says is a wide range of motion and a moderately tailored look. This cut looks like it might lend itself to easier layering.

Ample Athletic Fit for Women

This cut was designed quite simply to accommodate more bodies by adding necessary shaping in the chest and hips.

Kitsbow Apperal Icon Shirt Mens Relaxed Athletic Fit
Icon Shirt Mens Relaxed Athletic Fit

“One of the hallmarks of the Kitsbow Apparel experience is the tailored fit,” says David Billsrom, one of the leaders at employee-owned Kitsbow. “The product team constantly strives to increase the number of fits and sizes, so that the customers have a true choice in selecting a garment that really fits their body. We all know that this is a deep challenge, inherent in the apparel business, and I’m proud that Kitsbow currently offers 4,600 different size/fit/color combinations in our product catalog

Kitsbow Apperal Icon Shirt Mens Signature Fit
Icon Shirt Men’s Signature Fit

Kitsbow says their Icon performance flannel is built to last a lifetime. The Pendleton wool is said to breathe, allowing it to stay “fresh”. Kitsbow declares that the Icon flannel is designed to be the “best fitting, best-looking wool shirt you will ever own.”

And now with more sizes and fits, there seems to be an Icon for just about anyone.

Both the men’s and women’s Icon Flannels retail for $259

Sizes are:

Men’s: S, M, L, XL, XXL
Length: Reg, Tall and Short

Women’s: XS, M, L, XL
Length: Reg, Tall and Short


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Daniel Torres
Daniel Torres
1 year ago

I buy my flannels at Old Navy and they last me years. Why would I spend nearly $300 when I can have something exactly the same and just throw away and buy another if it gets a hole in it.

1 year ago

Much of the tops they make now are only tangentially related to cycling. At least they still make some good bottoms.

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