SONY DSCFor 2014, Austrailian funsters Knog continue to focus and refine their light and lock offerings while improving Stateside dealer support and maturing their image (just a bit).  Joining the previously-reported 200 Lumen Blinder 2 from this August, the Blinder 3 is a self-contained road- and commuter-oriented headlight.  The two CREE LEDs cast a 22° wide-angle beam, 15° narrow beam, or dual 22°/15° beams.  Combined output is 300 Lumen and steady runtimes range from 1 to 7 hours (10 hours flashing).  At 105g, there’s not much reason not to tuck the compact light one in a commuter bag or jersey pocket just in case

After the jump:  more Blinder 3 details and a surprising and cool longboard collaboration…


The Blinder 3 (left) and Blinder 2 (right).

The Blinder 3 will ship in four colors (red, black, gray, and purple) for $95- just above the 75g Blinder 2’s $80 MSRP.

SONY DSCWe’ll leave most of the skate action to Boardrumor, but this Knog x Globe Prowler collaboration was too cool not to share.  Addressing the concerns of skateboard security and visibility, the nicely crafted hardwood longboard has been tweaked by Knog to include glow-in-the-dark wheels, a locking port, Knog Milkman lock, and a Knog Blinder 1 tail light.


The Milkman will watch your board.

A minimum-security lock, the $25 Milkman slips easily into a pocket to serve as a snatch-and-grab deterrent.  Prowler pricing has yet to be set, but should be in line with comparable longboards.



  1. Fabricio on

    I own a Knog Frog for the rear of my bike and is 4 years old, only changed the battery twice and no failures, best product for this use ever for me, I can’t say the same with the Lezyne Femto Drive which just last one ride, never worked again. I will give a try to this Knog for commuting from home to the trail.

  2. Gravity on

    Knog collaborating on a longboard confirms every negative bias I have about this company and their poorly-constructed products.

  3. Felipe on

    I`ve had 3 different Knog lights and can appreciate the great design and functionality of the lights. All three are still in use, regularly get hit with water and mud from going in the trails and two of them have more than 3 years of use.


    I wanted to love my Knog products. Have bought two of those silicon wrapped numbers a tail light and a small headlight. Both got really twitchy and unreliable right away. Something to do with the battery contacts.

  5. Señor Knog on

    Hey @Gravity + @Joey B – what’s the beef? We’ve teamed up with another Australian brand to offer something unique. It may not be for you, and you may not “get” it, but there are plenty of folks out there who we think will love it. Longboarders need lights and locks, too, pal.

    If you’ve got specific issues with Knog products that we can help out with, never hesitate to email us at Things break sometimes, we get that – but we stand behind our goods 100% and will work with people to make sure they’re happy.

  6. Neato on

    Looks like a really good product and I think it would work great for regular skateboards too. I bet it that it would even fit through the hangar on most standard trucks too so you wouldn’t even need to drill a hole in your board either.


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