Already available for Shimano and SRAM, the Kogel Kolossos oversized derailleur pulley and cage system are now available for Campagnolo EPS derailleurs, too. And it keeps the fully adjustable return spring tension as the stock unit, giving you complete control over it.

Where some aftermarket OS pulley cages for Campy derailleurs provide a fixed, preset tension, Kogel’s lets you dial in the exact amount of chain tension you want from it. This mimic’s the stock Campagnolo 12-speed derailleur’s adjustment.

kogel oversized ceramic bearing pulley cage for campagnolo eps rear derailleurs keeps the return spring tension adjustment

Kogel says their Kolossos cages are 2x stiffer than stock pulley cages and about 3x stiffer than their competitors.

kogel oversized ceramic bearing pulley cage for campagnolo eps

The retail price should be $399, same as the SRAM and Shimano units. Available soon.

Kolossos Customizer lets you mix & match colors

kogel kolossos oversize derailleur pulley

Whether you choose Campagnolo, SRAM, or Shimano, Kogel is now letting you customize your OSP system to mix and match the colors of every part. Normal retail is $399 for the Kolossus, with a $40 upcharge to customize it, but through 9/27/2020 they’re waiving the customization fee.

Kogel crankset preload adjuster upgrade

machined metal crankset preload adjuster upgrade part

Ever wonder why that $500 crankset has a crappy plastic preload adjuster ring? After stripping a few out over the years, so did we. And so did Kogel. So they did something about it.

The new, machined alloy preload bezel will be available in red, black, blue, gold, and raw. So, add some bling, and some durability to a part that’s always seemed a bit neglected by the engineers. Available for 30mm and DUB spindles in October, retail TBD.

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1 year ago


mark hagen
mark hagen
1 year ago

Those Kogels are rad! Why can’t the sram or Shim versions?