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Kona’s Regular Joe to Show Off Trails Around the World

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Summary: Kona’s Regular Joe (Schwartz) will feature new monthly video from trails around to world to show off great riding locations and Kona’s bikes at Konaworld.com

Full Press release, extra wordy edition: He rides with a smile, and smiles when he rides. He’s a Nelson, B.C. boy and has been a Kona rider – and family member – since he was 16; racing with the Clump. He’s hucked, hurled, competed at the first Red Bull Rampage event and spent as much time in front of the camera as a Victoria’s Secret model.

Now, nearly a decade later, after helping to define the freeride movement during its formative stages, he’s stepped back from launching off large things and rides Mother Earth as an instructor and guide.

From Switzerland to B.C. mountain peaks, our backyard to yours, he’s Kona’s all-round, all-rounder. He’s Joe Schwartz and he’s regular because he’s regularly regulating some badass trails somewhere near you.

When you think of Regular Joe think mellow Canadian guy who let’s his bike skills speak for him. Each month Regular Joe will report for Kona on his exploits in the saddle filling the biking world in on some of the world’s best trails and Kona bikes that can rip. A quasi-bike test if you may. And, although Regular Joe is just regular, he does still have a penchant for putting the throttle down and putting the rigs he rides to the test.

Some of Joe’s go-to testing methods on worldly trails include: marathon abuse sessions, repeated aggressive “hucking” maneuvers and as much berm bashing as possible. Last season proved to be Joe’s biggest bike testing challenge ever. He was given the task of dirt approving Kona’s new Magic Link design suspension platform for the CoilAir Series of freeride/enduro bikes. As per Joe’s job, he devised a rigorous testing schedule, one not seen before in all his years of professional riding. In part, we can thank this Regular guy for helping Kona fine-tune one of its most innovative bikes in their 20 year history.

So, if you consider yourself normal and regular on a bike and you like hearing about the cool riding another fellow regular biker is getting into, check out Joe’s monthly reports at www.konaworld.com – which will feature fresh images and video sure to make you laugh and feel regular.

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