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Lauf’s US-Based Assembly Drops Seigla Price by up to $1,000

lauf siegla gravel bike with massive tire clearance and comfortable frame compliance
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Lauf Cycling, Icelandic manufacturers of the iconic leaf-spring fork, as well as carbon road and gravel bikes, has now moved all its bike assembly activity to Harrisonburg, Virginia, in a bid to drastically reduce pricing for end consumers. The move began back in March 2023 – it resulted in improved shipping efficiency for the brand whose main customer base is located in the US. Lauf has been able to pass on the benefits of that improved efficiency to customers, reducing the price of the Seigla Gravel Race Bike by 12.5% to 17.9%, model dependent. That constitutes a $1,000 USD reduction in some instances.

Here’s more from Lauf, as well as updated pricing on the Seigla Rigid and Suspension Fork builds.

Lauf Moves Assembly to the US

Press Release

Pushing the envelope is in our DNA. We’re not here to conform. Since we started the journey back in 2011, we’ve gone from a “garage band” in Reykjavik, Iceland, to a household name in gravel cycling. Our suspension innovation needs no introduction, but we won’t stop there. We didn’t enter cycling to “only” come up with cool technology. We entered cycling to make a mark and get our technology to riders, for them to enjoy.

new lauf grit suspension gravel bike fork with leaf springs and big tire clearance

At the end of the day, the point of it all is to help cyclists ride further, faster, and more often. A crucial variable in the equation is often overlooked though – pricing. To further streamline our operations, we’ve been busy setting up a USA base in Harrisonburg, VA. Why Harrisonburg, you might ask? Because it offers amazing riding (gravel, road and MTB), and because it’s a beautiful college town that has excellent ground logistics for the US and flight connections to Iceland.

Earlier this year we started shipping US-bound bikes from our Harrisonburg warehouse. This increased our efficiency and enabled a price reduction back on March 11th. Not to mention the much welcome reduction in CO2 footprint it entailed.

We didn’t blow our horns when we lowered prices in March though, as we knew it was the first (smaller) step of the final price reduction we were aiming for. Before we could complete our mission, we would also have to set up assembly in the US. Reducing our inventory cost through Just-in-Time bike building. This avoids tying components down to bike types/sizes/colors, which in turn enables a far lower total inventory. These streamlined operations enable better pricing.

It has taken a while to prepare, but we’ve now started assembling bikes at our downtown assembly plant in Harrisonburg! Our HQ remains in Reykjavik, but all bikes go out of Harrisonburg from now on. This being the most efficient setup for Lauf, as the US is our biggest market. Seigla is a gravel bike you should want regardless of its pricing. Its ride, features and quality set it in a class of its own. Now we’ve also put its pricing into a class of its own!

New Pricing for Lauf Seigla Gravel Race Bike

Seigla RigidOriginal PriceMarch 11th Shipping Efficiency April 27th US AssemblyPrice Drop
Weekend Warrior$2,640$2,540$2,240$400
Weekend Warrior Wireless$3,640$3,440$3,140$500
Race Wireless$5,040$4,640$4,140$900
Seigla with Suspension ForkOriginal PriceMarch 11th Shipping Efficiency April 27th US AssemblyPrice Drop
Weekend Warrior$2,990$2,890$2,590$400
Weekend Warrior Wireless$3,990$3,790$3,490$500
Race Wireless$5,390$4,990$4,490$900


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1 month ago

Lauf is awesome. I cannot believe what you get for the price. What I don’t understand is, why don’t you see more of them out on the gravel roads and trails?

1 month ago
Reply to  Exodux

They are everywhere in the Midwest! Or at least it feels like they’ve really increased their presence in the last couple years. Expecting to see a lot of full bikes and forks at Unbound this year.

And +1 on the quality and value.

1 month ago

Lauf is a fantastic brand. Great bikes. I love my older True Grit

Fake Namerton
Fake Namerton
1 month ago

You love to see it.

Tits McShredsalot
Tits McShredsalot
1 month ago

I’ve studied kung fu for years. The air outside smells like rain, my cat’s breath smells like cat food. Sometimes nothing adds up. Gravel bikes for life.

30 days ago

This is serious no Laufing matter.

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