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Lazer Helmets Integrates GoPro Mount, Superlight Blinky & Classes Up Commuter Lids

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For 2013, the Lazer Oasiz helmet comes out in the bright Flash Yellow and has a new integrated GoPro mount. The mount bolts on in place of a flat piece and is centered, balancing the weight so the helmet shouldn’t flop back and forth under the camera’s weight.

The Oasiz also now comes stock with the height adjustable rear retention mech, and the Rollsys cables get coated on this and other top end helmets to reduce friction when adjusting the fit. It’s a small thing, but should make use just a bit more refined.


Don’t need the camera mount? Just swap in the flat panel and save a few grams.


Height adjustable rear retention helps get it under the base of your skull.


The Nirvana XC helmet (left) also gets the height adjust retention mech now. Most of Lazer’s performance helmets are available in the day-glow yellow.

The 2013 Helium road helmet (right) goes back to a standard quick release buckle rather than the magnetic buckle to save a bit of weight. It gets the coated Rollsys cables and adjustable rear retention, too. It gets a new AquaPad gel forehead band, which won’t absorb moisture. Because it’s so soft and squishy, Lazer’s Christopher Smith says you can run the retention pressure slightly tighter, which creates a seal at the forehead so sweat is routed to the sides of your head rather than down your face. Available February. I forgot to snap a pic of the AquaPad, but it looks and feels pretty nice.


It also gets a new LED equipped Rollsys dial that works as a blinky. It’ll come on the new Helium and the price point Neon helmets. Even better, it’s retrofittable to any Rollsys equipped helmet and they’ll sell kits for just $10. Available soon.

There are new Magneto Mag Docks that attach to the top of the helmets to stick their Magneto shades to when not being worn. This solves the problem of what to do with the shades when theyre not in use since they don’t have arms. Available end of July for under $20, and they’ll come standard with the Magneto glasses for next year.



New Armor Deluxe has the same lightweight inmold construction as the Armor, but with a fabric covering, metal adjusters on leather straps and their magnetic buckle. Super soft Alcantara synthetic suede pads inside. $80.

2013 CityZen helmets, left, get a shorter visor and new fabric options.


Mmmmmm… nice, soft Alcantara.


They’re also getting into snow sports helmets, and the Sweet (left) is a modified version for winter cycling. Top vents can be closed to protect from the elements or just retain warmth. No front vents to let cold air rush in. The Rollsys is larger and rubber coated for easier use with winter gloves. And it has the integrated light. Available around October for about $100.

The Dissent is the snow version with visor, goggles clip and insulated ear covers. It’s also CPSC certified for bike use.


AR2 Argon series sunglasses get a slimmed down size for women and smaller faces.

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