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Lazer Z1 KinetiCore Road Helmet Goes Ultralight, Ultra-Everything

Lazer Z1 Kineticore helmet side profile
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Lazer introduced their KinetiCore designs in the spring of 2022 as a lighter-weight alternative to MIPS and other rotational impact safety technologies. Now, it makes its way to their top-tier Z1 road bike helmet to give it a claimed weight of just 220g in size medium.

That’s not the only impressive claim. They also say it has best-in-class ventilation and it’s aerodynamic. So, safe, fast, cool, and light… let’s see how they do it:

Lazer Z1 Kineticore helmet padding

The inside of the shell has a waffle-like grid in the foam, creating crumple zones that can smoosh and smash from various angles. Lazer says this mimics the reduction in rotational impact forces that other systems provide but has the added benefit of being lighter and allowing more airflow. In fact, they say it has 3% more ventilation cooling than if you wore no helmet at all.

Lazer Z1 Kineticore helmet detail

It has a ponytail-friendly, height-adjustable rear cradle, which is connected to the…

Lazer Z1 Kineticore RollSys helmet adjustment dial

…RollSys adjustment dial on the top of the helmet for easy fitment. Just roll it one way or the other to adjust tightness and it pulls evenly all the way around your head so there are no hotspots or pressure points.

Lazer Z1 Kineticore helmet light dock

It’s also compatible with their optional Universal Lazer LED taillight, which snaps into the back of the helmet’s shell.

Lazer Z1 Kineticore helmet strap detail

The lightweight straps are now stitched together where they meet under the ears, eliminating a plastic divider (and any adjustment). That, plus recycled (and antimicrobial) strap material help keep make it a bit greener.

Lazer Z1 Kineticore helmet frontal profile

Tons of vents move air through all those internal slots and channels, making it a great summer helmet. Add their optional AeroShell cover and it’s a great winter or rainy day helmet, too.

Lazer Z1 Kineticore helmet eyewear dock

Integrated eyewear docks (without grippers) keep your sunglasses secure when not needed. All in all it’s a very feature-rich premium road and gravel bike helmet with a comparatively decent price at $279. It gets a 5-Star rating from Virginia Tech’s Helmet Lab, and is available in six colors (White, Matte Black, Cosmic Blue, Harbor Grey, Metallic Red, Flash Orange) and three sizes (S/M/L).

Actual weights & first impressions

Lazer Z1 Kineticore helmet actual weight

Zach and I both received Z1 KinetiCore helmets to test, both size Medium. Zach’s weighed 233g (shown), mine was 235g. That’s slightly more than the 220g claim, which could be due to them being CPSC models for US distribution. CE-approved models are sometimes slightly lighter.

I wore mine with a winter cycling cap underneath, then took it off mid-ride once I warmed up, and it fit well in both cases thanks to its wide range of adjustability. The RollSys is easy to use, I only had to tighten the chin strap slightly to take up some of the slack. It’s a comfortable helmet and fits like their prior Z1, so if you’re a fan, you’ll probably like this one even better.

Lazer Z1 fit
Zach has to run the chinstrap looser than advised to prevent it from digging into his neck.

The only caveat to that could come from the straps. While I had no issues with the positioning of the straps and ear cradles, Zach had a different expereice. Zach says he typically has to adjust the ear cradles forward on most helmets with adjustable straps, and since the new Z1 is not adjustable, the straps sit too far back on his head. The resulting fit causes the chinstrap to dig into his neck, and the front parts of the ‘V’ strap bow out when he moves his head.

If you typically don’t need to mess with the ear cradle adjustment on your helmets, you probably won’t notice. But for those with a similar fit to Zach, or those who just prefer adjustable ear cradles, this might not be the one.


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john hancock
john hancock
1 month ago

Visor, we need a god dam visor option. I ride in the evening when the sun is lower in the sky. Wearing eclipse grade sunglasses isn’t an option. I also ride where there are trees, you know, it’s sunny, shady, sunny, shady… Again, super dark sungless aren’t an option. For fks sake, how hard is it to add a clip on visor.

1 month ago
Reply to  john hancock

This is a top tier performance road helmet. Plenty of other options exist with a visor.
And, I also live in a heavily wooded area. I use photochromatic sunglasses that adjust to the light.

Huffagnolo SuperMagna
Huffagnolo SuperMagna
1 month ago
Reply to  john hancock

No thank you! I don’t want a visor on my Z1 I have had a Z1 and have never wanted a visor in the 6+ years I have had it (though it has been replaced by a newer helmet) and not once have I ever desired a visor on it. I have my cycling caps and sunglasses and with photochromic stuff I am all set. My Lazer Revolution has a visor but I don’t really need it on that either and would rather not have it as I have cycling caps!

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