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Leaked: VeloPress to Offer Cycling, Triathlon & Running Titles in eBook Form for Kindle, iBooks

velopress team 7-eleven drake ochowicz heiden merckx
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velopress team 7-eleven drake ochowicz heiden merckx

We have discovered that VeloPress is in the process of converting an array of their new and bestselling titles to eBook format for such popular devices as Kindle, Nook, Apple iBook, Kobo, and others. VeloPress offers a wide selection of cycling books pertaining to training, exercise, nutrition, biography, and history. They also offer books on triathlon, running, and winter sports.

For example, VeloPress is now offering their recently-published (and quite interesting) “Team 7-Eleven” Kindle version on Amazon for $13.49. Watch Bikerumor for a review of this book in coming days.

To see highlights of what they’re offering and to get the link to the full list of titles currently and soon-to-be available, click more…

trizophrenia inside minds triathlete mallettTrizophrenia: Inside the Minds of a Triathlete, by Jef Mallett$12.07, Amazon Kindle edition

Life is better when you’re a triathlete. That is what author and triathlete Jef Mallett believes, and millions of triathletes around the world agree.

Trizophrenia: Inside the Minds of the Triathlete, by nationally syndicated illustrator and veteran triathlete Jef Mallett, offers up the first exploration of the triathlon lifestyle. With the same humor and insight readers love in his “Frazz” comic strip, Mallett delves into the intoxicating subculture of the sport that is three sports.

Mallett unveils the triathlete’s obsessive-compulsive need for the rituals of the sport: eat, swim, eat, work, eat, ride, eat, work, eat, run, eat, go to bed early. Get up at dawn and do it all over again.

Packed with illustrations that bring to life the countless conundrums a triathlete embraces every day, Mallett’s light-hearted declaration of love for his sport will convince anyone that life is more worth living when you’re a triathlete.

roadie misunderstood world bike racer jamie smith velopressRoadie: The Misunderstood World of a Bike Racer, by Jamie SmithIn conversion to ebook format – available soon

Veteran race announcer and long-time cycling enthusiast Jamie Smith sets out to explain the sport he loves and the roadies who live for it in this lighthearted treatise on bike racing. Finally, a book to explain those people who roll out for a ride dressed in technicolored Lycra at the crack of dawn on Saturday, and return at sundown with a glow of satisfaction and even stronger tan lines.

Perfect for anyone who has ever known a roadie, considered becoming a roadie, or walked away from a bike race completely puzzled, Roadie addresses all of the curiosities that accompany the sport of cycling, from shaved legs to colorful jerseys and unbelievably expensive bicycles, shoes, and components. Every seemingly neurotic tendency is explained and celebrated with humorous illustrations from nationally syndicated cartoonist Jef Mallett (also rumored to log thousands of miles of riding per year).

Explaining strategy and races from the famous Tour de France stage race to the local criterium, Roadie brings the excitement of bike racing alive for anyone with an appetite for adrenaline. And for the thousands who purchase a shiny new road bike each spring, it’s a much-needed primer on the politics of a group ride. Pacelines, drafting, sprinting, climbing, and breakaways are turned into everyday commonsense with colorful anecdotes.

Whether interested onlooker or cycling aficionado, readers will find themselves laughing out loud as they revel in the roadie’s world.

training racing with power meter velopressTraining and Racing with a Power Meter, 2nd editionIn conversion to ebook format – available soon

In only a few short years, power meters have become an essential training tool for amateur and pro cyclists and triathletes. The first edition of Training and Racing with a Power Meter was largely responsible for popularizing what was once an arcane technology understood by only a few elite coaches and trainers. Now the updated second edition provides significant updates on technology, software tools, training protocols, and workouts, making the benefits of power-based training available to everyone. The new edition provides specific information for triathletes including a complete triathlon training plan. Other significant updates include reviews of the latest hardware, refinements and additions to training plans, additional case studies, more on monitoring fitness and chronic training loads, and new power graphics, charts and tables throughout. Training and Racing with a Power Meter, 2nd Ed., will continue to be the definitive guide to the most important training tool ever developed for endurance sports.

Here’s the link for all the current and pending titles: http://velopress.competitor.com/ebooks.html

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