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L’Etape Clothing launches with single run, limited edition designs

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In this day and age of wonder fabrics and fitness enhancing clothing tech, it seems any startup needs to find ever more elusive ways to differentiate themselves. Fortunately, good design and a sense of scarcity rarely fails to attract an audience, and that’s what L’Etape is going for.

They’ll offer one design per month, released on their website and social media channels. Upon release, you’ll have about 14 days to pre-order if you like it, then that style goes off sale, never to be repeated, and production begins. Once done, it ships to your door anywhere in the world free of charge.

They’re kicking things off with three designs for the launch, though, which are available to order through March 10. Check ’em out and get a preview of the next one in line…


Everything’s made in Italy of high end materials. The bib short and jersey combo will retail for €229. Above is the Hall of Fame, inspired by the chalk writings leading up the famous climbs of our favorite races.


The 13 pokes fun at the superstitions affecting any racer unlucky enough to draw “13” as their race number. As the story goes, you should turn that number plate upsidedown to counteract any negative energy, and that’s what’s done here.


Put The Hammer Down is the final starting design, and its graphics hint at the rider that does just that to breakaway for the win.


Not sold yet? The Belgian inspired The Pave design will come next.


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9 years ago

Socks over leg-warmers. Disgusting.

From Flanders
From Flanders
9 years ago

Oh dear, yet another non-Belgian company that uses Belgian imagery but doesn’t feel the need to do proper researh and uses the right-wing version of the Flemish lion.
The Flemish lion they used comes from the ‘Stijdvlag’ (battle-flag) and is a symbol of the right-wing, separatist, xenophobe Flemish movement and is not an official symbol.
It’s kinda like someone is making a jersey refering to American cycling and then puts the confederate flag on it.

And yet it is so simple, just wikipedia ‘flag of flanders’ and boom there you have it:

“But…” I hear you say “when watching the Flemish classics we see that lion on hundreds of flags along the course..”. Yes indeed you do, but that is because there are right wing organisations specifically distributing thousands of little flags during those races to promote Flanders as an independent entity.

So please, if you want to do anything related to Flemish cycling, please please please use the official Flemish lion!

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