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Life. Liberty. And the Pursuit of the Cadillac Bicycle Jerseys

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We’ve received a number of comments, questions and inquiries on the Bicycling Magazine Cadillac Bike Jersey promotion from the Tour de France era that I decided to check into it.  The short answer is, they’re in production in Italy by Giordana, and they should ship sometime in January.  The response was overwhelming, with about 3,500 entries (more than double what they expected), and after the entry deadline of October 1, Cadillac gave dealers time to place any additional orders for their staff.

I spoke with folks at Gita (US distributor for Giordana) and with Zack Grice, Associate Publisher at Bicycling Magazine, who was kind enough to explain the situation.  Read his full response after the break…

Hi Tyler,
Thanks for your time on the phone a minute ago and for your offer to post an update from Bicycling on the status of the Cadillac jersey promotion. As I’d mentioned, there are a few key facts related to the promotion that I’d like to communicate so it’s absolutely clear that we will deliver everything we’ve promised and that I’m open to fielding inquiries from any program participants individually.

* This promotion was officially live through October 1 and Bicycling allowed a “grace period” of a few days beyond that date to allow for redemption of test-drive vouchers that were mailed on or just before the program end date and received by Bicycling up to a week later. Everyone who submitted registration materials via fax or postal mail by the prescribed deadline and in accordance with the “one jersey per person, one jersey per household” stipulation will receive a jersey as promised.

* The promotion was a tremendous success and generated double the response we had expected based on a similar promotion that Bicycling hosted with Saab last year (for which all program participants received the promised jerseys, and many of whom benefited from individual follow-up from me as they contacted Bicycling to request different sizes than originally noted, etc. — so we have a history of thorough and attentive fulfillment).

* Once we’d confirmed the final program participation number with Cadillac and worked with them to ensure that the “while supplies last” option was lifted and that everyone who’d responded by the prescribed deadline (with grace period) would receive a jersey (again, at a much higher cost to Cadillac than expected due to tremendous response to the promotion), they decided to add to the jersey order with additional quantities intended for select dealers’ promotional use. As Cadillac is paying the bills for this promotion and, like Giordana, is a valued Bicycling advertiser, we extended them the professional courtesy of waiting for them to advise on the quantity of jerseys they’d need so we could place a single order with Giordana for this custom production run.

* This unavoidable delay in submitting the order will result in a delay past the 12-week turnaround (from the program end date of 10/1 as published on the offer, not from the time a registration was submitted, as some participants have interpreted) in the jerseys being fulfilled to program participants. I apologize for the delay.

* Giordana initiated jersey production as soon as we submitted the order inclusive of jerseys for all program participants and the promotional allotment of jerseys that Cadillac requested and has fulfilled their obligations to this promotion to our highest expectations and in the most expedited manner possible.

* I have fielded dozens of individual inquiries from program participants checking on the status of their jerseys that have come to me both directly (via faxes or mailed letters to the contact points published on the promotion) or indirectly (through Rodale’s customer service department or other landing points within the company where people have made contact, then these inquiries are forwarded to me) and in every case, have followed up personally and as quickly as possible. I invite any program participants who may have further questions about the promotion to contact me personally via e-mail, phone (610-967-7941) or fax (610-967-7522), but hopefully this update will address concerns about the validity of the promotion and serve as a comprehensive and “official” assurance that jerseys will be delivered as soon as this enormous custom order is ready.

Thanks again for your offer to help set the record straight.

Best regards,

Editor’s Note: Giordana’s custom website didn’t have pricing clearly (ie. easily) available in my three minute search, but assuming Cadillac was able to get per-piece pricing down to $30, which would be a really good deal, on a quantity of 3,500 jerseys, that’s $105,000.  We can thank our fellow taxpayers for the jerseys!  Yay, bailout!

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Tom Kowalinski
14 years ago

I need a XX-Large, as the X-Large I have is too small. Anbody willing to trade for a XX-Large?

14 years ago

Hey, just got mine, great looking and I wore it for the night ride last night! They are coming.

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