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Like-a-Bike Kid’s Scoot Bikes

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Like-a-Bike, it’s like a bike for kids who would like a bike.  Get it?

Ok, semantics aside, recent “research” indicates that teaching kids to balance on scooter bikes (ie. bikes without pedals/cranks) helps them learn to ride faster because they get the balance thing down first, then learn the mechanics of pedaling without having to worry so much about keeping themselves upright.  And, in fact, using training wheels can be counter productive because it trains them to lean the wrong way to keep the bike from tipping.  You can’t argue with research.

Like-a-Bike has lots of cool little accessories for these wood bikes, as well as some aluminum, suspended models.  Read “more” to see them, like the handlebar bag for newspapers…it’s never to early to get ’em on a paper route!

Now they can carry their newspapers up front and a snack on the toptube.  All they need to do now is learn to chase down the people that don’t pay and yell “Two Dollars!  I want my two dollars!”

The aluminum model has a suspended rear end (blue elastomer) to take the edge off those jungle gym drops at the playground.

A cool feature on both the wood and aluminum bikes is a steerer stopper.  Above, the wood bikes use two felt strips to keep the front wheel from turning to hard, which can lead to accidents.  Below, the aluminum bikes use a rubber loop and hook.

The wood bikes range from $289 to $395, and the aluminum model (dubbed the “Jumper”) is $269.

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Ron Callahan
15 years ago

I love the Like-A-Bike style, but I have a hard time with the price.

I took the pedals, cranks and chain (and training wheels) off of my five year old’s bike and had similar results with him learning to balance. He can balance about 25 feet this way and even make u-turns.

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