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Limar Eyewear sets sights on U.S., peers through budget to premium shades

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Limar F60 GlossyBlack_front


Best known for their lightweight helmets, Limar has recently turned to the New World as it continues to expand its market share in the eyeglass industry. Making the trans-Atlantic pond hop are seven frame designs and three lens types, including their top-end, interchangeable polarized & photochromic lens. For a starting price of just fifty bucks you can be the first in your neighborhood to rock some of this Italian flare…

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Starting with the lenses -the soul of any high quality glasses- Limar is hitting all needs and price points with (1) the price-point hitting, interchangeable polycarbonate, (2) the ever-adapting photochromic, and (3) the premium polarized.

Limar OF10 BlackBlue

To the glasses themselves, Limar is exporting the OF10 Photochromic, in black or white, with an advertised “arodynamic design,” adjustable rubber nose pad, and aluminum temples with adjustable rubber tips. The OF10 are rocking the photochromic lens with anti-fog tech.

Limar OF8 Blue

The flagship OF8 Premium Set can be had with either the polarized or the photochromic lens, or both. Don’t let the marketing’s somewhat ambiguous language fool you, these are not one set of lenses providing both technologies at once, but with the interchangeability function you can jump back and forth at will. These guys also sport adjustable rubber nose pad, and temples, as well as prescription insert capability.

Limar F70 Titanium

The F70 Photochromic is one of two fully framed options. All the same adjustable bits as its brothers, and sporting the photochromic lenses. The F70 is also capable of a prescription lens adapter for folks with four eyes.

Limar OF6 BlackRed

The OF6 Polycarbonate Interchangeable is one of four budget minded options afforded by standard polycarbonate lens tech. But to keep things relevant, Limar is including three lenses with the OF6, each with “its own percentage of transmitted light, that makes it ideal for any specific situation.” And while the percentage of light transmission depends upon the color and coating, Limar is somewhat unhelpful in only reporting the filtering capabilities of two of the three interchangeable lenses: Clear lens – transmission: 88-93% (Cat.0) & Orange lens – transmission: 46-55% (Cat.1). The transmission of the included “Polycarbonate 8Cd lens” is not stated. (Also prescription capable.)

Limar OF6.5 BlackRed

Limar’s OF6.5 Polycarbonate is much akin to its OF6 brother, yet saves you some cash with only one set of lenses, the 8Cd. (Also prescription capable.)

Limar F60 GlossyBlack_front

F60 Polycarbonate, in black or matt-black or white, is the second fully framed offering from Limar, with a chunky/muscular style. It, too, sports the 8Cd lens.

Limar S50 Red

The windshield that is the S50 Polycarbonate, frankly, looks pretty sweet. But you know what they say about beauty. The S50 comes in red or “titanium,” and keeps things simple with the single Polycarbonate 8Cd lens.

You can find more details, and eventual buying options, at the exclusive US dealer, Albabici. All models appears to be made in Taiwan; prices are ranging from $49.95-$149.95.

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9 years ago

Surprisingly great shades! Yes, I was optimistic at first. I used the S8CH model all of the 2014 riding season, as part of a team partnership: http://www.limar.com/site/prodotto.php?lng=eng&id_product=92&id_cat_now=20 Honestly, they are a great fit, with great optics, combined with super low weight and $$$.

9 years ago

I own one of the road helmets and its a great fit and feel….and very light. The price caught my attention but the quality has been pretty good to date, look forward to checking these out F60 and F70 as I need the RX inserts.

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