Ortlieb waterproof bikepacking bags go purple, petrol, and orange in rare limited edition & more…

It’s Ortlieb’s 40th birthday this year, and one of the ways they are celebrating is with this limited edition of their signature waterproof bikepacking bags. In a colorful mix of purple, petrol blue & orange, this set of bags delivers all of Ortlieb’s proven performance, protection & durability, but with a rare new look available only in strictly limited numbers of just over a thousand pieces…

Plus, there’s a new waterproof Ortlieb toptube bag coming soon!

Ortlieb limited edition colorful bikepacking bags

Ortlieb limited edition colorful bikepacking bags, teaser

While some of their commuter bags have long been offered in brighter colors that often help boost visibility, Ortlieb Bikepacking has exclusively been a muted dark gray affair, with just a hint of their standard orange straps. Now that shifts a bit with this limited edition set.

Ortlieb limited edition colorful bikepacking bags, Handlebar Pack

Yep, the limited edition color is only offered in a set of their 3 most popular & versatile bikepacking bags for a total adventure storage capacity of 29.5L at a combined weight of just over 1.1kg.

Ortlieb limited edition colorful bikepacking bags, Frame Pack Toptube RC

Buy into the LTD set and you get the signature single roll-down 16.5L Seat Pack that weighs 505g, the double roll-closure 9L Handlebar Pack at 415g, and the single roll-down closure 4L partial Frame Pack Toptube RC at 225g.

Ortlieb limited edition colorful bikepacking bags, Seat Pack
The new limited edition colors don’t change the 100% waterproof, radio frequency welded-seam, nylon & PU-coated construction in any way. And the bags are all still sustainably manufactured in-house in Germany, with the same 5-year guarantee and ongoing repair service.

Ortlieb limited edition colorful bikepacking bags, custom SCIU Juniper carbon gravel bike

c. Ortlieb

Ortlieb worked with small Hamburg bike company SCIU who custom painted this carbon Juniper gravel bike in the same purple, petrol & orange to match the limited edition bags. Custom-painted bikes aren’t actually part of the Ortlieb project, but SCIU would be happy to get you a stock gravel frameset from 2000€ or build you a complete gravel bike from just 4200€.

Ortlieb LTD bikepacking bags – Pricing & availability

Ortlieb limited edition colorful bikepacking bags, 3-piece set

The colorful new limited edition Ortlieb bikepacking bags are available only as a set of all three for $400 / 400€ and just 1050 sets have been made available. (Yeah, I got a set!) They are available to buy starting today in Europe, and will arrive in the USA starting next week. Snap up a rare purple, petrol & orange set fast, before they disappear for good.

By the way, a couple of them (maybe just the saddlepack)would kinda look perfect on the new Iced Berry Canyon Ultimate road bike for a little road packing…

Ortlieb waterproof Fuel Pack toptube bag too!

Ortlieb waterproof Fuel Pack toptube bag side, closed

Officially Ortlieb’s newest waterproof toptube bag debuted at Eurobike earlier this summer, but the Fuel Pack isn’t quite ready to hit the shelves yet so it hasn’t seen a lot of coverage yet. The small 1L, 160g bag is made-in-Germany of the same Ortlieb waterproof PU-coated nylon fabric and straps onto your toptube with 2 rubber straps or with direct mount toptube bolts.

Ortlieb waterproof Fuel Pack toptube bag details

The internally stiffened Fuel Pack does not need a strap around your steerer, and gets inside padding & a mesh organizer pocket. It gets an overlapping waterproof flap top that is secured closed with magnets to make it easy to operate with one hand, and will apparently close & secure itself when you let go of the lid. I am quite curious, and will start to test one out next week.

The Fuel Pack will be available online and in stores from the beginning of 2023.


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24 days ago

I love the colors, I just wish they had panniers in the same scheme as well.

Ernest Fitzgerald
Ernest Fitzgerald
23 days ago

Ortlieb has a kind of cult following. I don’t buy into it – literally and figuratively. They’re just bags – sections of cloth sewed together, with some hardware fastened on. I’ve done very well and saved $ by avoiding that company’s products entirely.

23 days ago

Did you write that simply to hear yourself type?! Sheesh, Ernie!

23 days ago

Over the years i have had tons of bikepacking kit and the one brand that has stood out in terms of waterproofing and durability is Ortlieb. Riding for days on end in pouring down rain and knowing with full confidence your gear will be dry is worth a million bucks to me.

Ernest Fitzgerald
Ernest Fitzgerald
23 days ago
Reply to  nooner

See what I mean? Perfect example of cult mentality in real time. Other company’s bags can be equally waterproof. It’s just rubberized cloth – no magic, no rocket science. But it’s your money, not mine, so do continue paying top dollar.

Collin S
Collin S
23 days ago

LOL, the guy says he’s tried a bunch and one was better than the other. It’s not like a guy who has only bought a single brand from day one and has constantly bought into the hype (IE Specialized bro, I’m looking at you)

I’ve had one of Ortlieb’s products and it’s been extremely durable, the mounting system was very good. Not the prettiest, but the price was nothing outrageous, and it works. I’ve had so many cycling products over the years, and some always tend to work well/consistently, others show their lack of quality quickly. For example, Shimano SPD M-540 and XT pedals are dead-reliable. While they have their flaws (Mud shedding when mud is nearing the freezing point, and not the lightest) but even after years of rock strikes, they still work fine. Crankbrothers would snap and break after a year’s use. Blackburn was another one where they looked nice, but several times was left with a pump that didn’t work or a light that broke. Ortlieb is in the category where they aren’t the prettiest, but they do their job well and deserve the reputation they’ve earned.

21 days ago

Can you see that your way of thinking, and only believing your own opinion is the only truth, kinda is how cults think? No you didn’t realize you’re exactly doing that? Hm, ironic to say the least.
Besides that. How do you think other products get so much cheaper? You think you could make a waterproof bag of that quality within the time that you’d earn enough money to make it worth the effort? Because someone in the world is doing just that so that you can buy the cheapest bags. Probably made thanks to unfair labor wages.
But keep bragging about how much better you are!

18 days ago

I’ve cycled around the world and hosted at my home several cyclists doing the same. Ortlieb is the way to go in terms of durability and reliability, nothing comes even closer.

23 days ago

Looks so good!