We showed you the BSX Insight and how it will change the way to target training and recovery at Interbike this year, and have gone into the detail of using it to determine lactate threshold and measure aerobic threshold before that. But now it is getting a good bit more versatility in its second generation with extended capabilities, including app-based control and communication with third party devices. Spin past the break for the details…


The newest version of the BSX Insight takes the live monitoring of muscle oxygenation, and adds daily activity tracking, and third party connectivity. The BSX Insight uses LEDs to tracks performance in the muscle, and translates that into data that cyclists can visualize to know what they have left in the tank. Then over time, they can better train and better discover opportunities to improve over time.

The BSX Insight connects via ANT+ to foot pods, heart rate monitors, and power meters to collect other data sources; and can now broadcast all of this  real-time data to any ANT+ watch or cycling computer that can display it. That still seems limited, but Garmin has already gotten in the mix with its newest cycling firmware updates. The BSX Insight also connects via Bluetooth Smart to iOS and Android devices with a new, redesigned BSX Insight app. The new app adds many new features including: an interactive tutorial, real-time muscle oxygenation readouts, and social functions, as well as a link with a new web-based dashboard.

Company CEO Dr. Dustin Freckleton, is trying to spread the gospel of training based on muscle oxygenation, saying “similar to heart-rate training, muscle oxygenation can help [better] understand your daily training. Where heart-rate is influenced by conditional factors like stress, temperature, sleep, and hydration, [oxygenation] is constant, more dependable, and accurate… [and] much more immediate.”

At just 20 grams , with 8hr battery life, the BSX Insight is available in three editions: the $300 BSXinsight XR2 running edition, a $370 BSXinsight XC2 cycling edition, and a $420 BSXinsight XM2 multi-sport edition. 


  1. WV Cycling on

    Fingertip cordless pulse oximeters are like $80. Can someone explain to me how integrating ANT+ coding and transmitter justifies the cost?

  2. Blair on

    Did some testing on these for the University using this and the normal lactate testing (pricking finger) protocol and this proved to be extremely accurate. More hygienic, safer and way more user friendly


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