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London Paramedics use Bicycles to Beat Traffic…and avoid Beatings

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London Government demands that 75 per cent of “category A” calls must be answered within eight minutes, and a back-up ambulance must arrive within 19 minutes.  In order to navigate the crowded city streets quickly, paramedics there have turned to bicycles and motorbikes to beat the clock.

In London more than 240,000 emergency patients – or 75.5 per cent – were seen within the eight-minute target in 2008-09 and an ambulance reached 99 per cent of patients within 19 minutes.

At least on a bicycle, the paramedic isn’t likely to have this happen to him…

WARNING: If you hit ‘more’ to see what I’m talking about, you will walk away angry.

Above is footage from the patient’s relative.  That’s right, there’s someone in the ambulance suffering from chest pains while these ‘tards harrass the EMT driver.

Below is the full footage of the police cruiser’s car.  It’s a lot longer, but shows the entire sequence.  In everyone’s opinion, the ambulance did nothing wrong, but if there’s a trooper or EMT driver out there that would like to comment as to what official, proper protocol is, we’d love to hear it.

You would think that any police officer would be hypersensitive to the subject, too, given that this happened just four months prior:

In March, Ryan Moats, Texan running back, had to explain why he ran a red light while his mother-in-law passed away because some people can’t think beyond the obvious and adapt.  Ridiculous.

Mad now?  Go for a ride… Aaaaaahhh, much better.

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