(Long) Road to NAHBS 2020 – Teaser interview w/ TJ McArthur of Titanium Joe

Our readers love the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, and so do we. That’s why we were all saddened to learn of its postponement due to the COVID-19 virus.

What to do? The show has been rescheduled to August, but we still have plenty of great NAHBS content to share with you. We’re going to have our usual series of pre-NAHBS interviews to put the spotlight on a handful of our favorite builders – and will start sharing these stories NOW, when the original show was scheduled to begin. Economic times will be tough for us all, but perhaps even more so for small independent businesses. Thus, we feel it is our duty to help promote these builders, and keep the excitement going all the way to the forthcoming August NAHBS.

Please enjoy this interview with TJ McArthur of tubing supplier, Titanium Joe.

Bikerumor.com: What’s your name, your bike brand, and where are you based?

TJ McArthur: Titanium Joe, Inc. We are a Titanium Supplier – We have one location in NY/ON and a second location in California.

Bikerumor.com: How long have you been making bikes? How’d you get into it?

TJ: We have been supplying Titanium to the bicycle industry since 2001.

Bikerumor.com: What’s your material of choice? Why that material?

TJ: We have supplied many many frame builders with the titanium for their projects. Our material of choice is titanium as it has a very high strength to weight ratio making it ideal for light weight and strong frames.

Bikerumor.com: What’s going to be the highlight in your NAHBS booth this year?

TJ: One of the highlights will be our welding learning kits. We have built welding kits to help people to learn the art of welding titanium. As well as our bargain bin. Our bargain bin contains many grades and sizes of titanium at discounted prices.

Bikerumor.com: What’s your inspiration lately?

TJ: We have been in contact with many builders and people trying to learn. As titanium is a specialty metal it can be difficult to obtain material to practice with. For this reason we have created an affordable option to obtain various grades and forms of Titanium. For example, 3al-2.5v and CP2 tubes, as well as 6al-4v and CP2 bars, sheets and weld wire. These start at only $25.00 USD.

Bikerumor.com: Any unique questions you use to help customers get a product that’s really dialed for them?

TJ: We do ask our builders many questions to help them find the ideal grade and condition of titanium for their builds. Great builds need great material.

Bikerumor.com: What’s the oddest request you’ve gotten?

TJ: We do not get many odd questions. But one question we do get often is requests for custom sizes. We are able to offer custom mill runs with a low minimum order of 152ft.

Bikerumor.com: Sum your brand up in one word:

TJ: Service.

Bikerumor.com: What is your website and Instagram handle?

TJ: TitaniumJoe.com and @titanium_joe_inc

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2 years ago

Would have been nice for that to have been a more specific interview instead of a form questionnaire, most of the questions didn’t really apply to them as a ti tube supplier.