Guinness Book of World Records longest bicycle 2016

Using the same type of trusses that hold the lighting and other theatrical equipment for concerts, members of Dutch cycling organisation the Mijl Van Mares Werkploeg put together a bicycle measuring 117 feet, 5 inches (35.79 meters) to get into the record books. And it’s official, thanks to documentation and inclusion in the Guinness Book of World Records for 2016.

Stretch past the break to check the video and another pic of the end of the bike, where one poor soul has to pedal it all…

Guinness Book of World Records longest bicycle 2016

Talk about being the stoker. Technically the bike can turn, but the turning radius makes it completely impractical. And technically, this one isn’t even the longest one. A group of Aussies beat them by riding a bike measuring a full 41.42m earlier this year (at the Tour Down Under, no less). Check out the full story from GWR here, which has pics of the real record holder.


  1. ginsu on

    That’s not even interesting, it’s just lame. If they had created front and rear wheel steering it might actually be ride able some place.

  2. Alex on

    Yet they didn’t even break the record. Is there a Guinness book of runner ups now too? Still worth an article in my opinion, just don’t get the whole record breaking thing when it wasn’t even as long as the Australian bike…

  3. Drew Diller on

    Bike News Story: “Check out this bike related bit of goof-off engineering these guys did, isn’t it weird?”

    Bike News Story Patrons: “HOW DARE YOU”

    C’mon guys. Go ride your bike if this is the best you can do for valueless comments.


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