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LOOK Introduces X-Track and Keo Blade Power Meter Pedals

Look Power X Track seens
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Get ready for another power meter pedal pedal, this time from the French powerhouse – LOOK. Just a few weeks after launching their updated Keo Blade carbon sprung pedal, LOOK introduces new mountain and road power meter options. Both pedals feature a q-factor and stack height similar to the power-free versions of these pedals. The new power pedals also boast plug-and-play installation and a fairly lightweight build. Plus – they are manufactured in France by LOOK.

look road power
(All photos: LOOK)

What is it — LOOK Power Pedals.  

The new LOOK power pedals add a power meter to popular Keo Blade and X-Track off-road pedals. They are available as single or dual-sided power measurements with data accuracy of +/-1%. Like the new LOOK Keo Blades, the new power pedals meet the requirements of IPX7 weatherproof testing. But there is a lot more to dig into here, so let’s start at the pedal body of each. 

LOOK_ROAD_on bike

Keo Blade Power Pedals

The LOOK Power pedals carbon-sprung road design boasts a 705 mm² extended contact surface, the exact same as the non-power version. The power pedals weigh a claimed 260g/pair, making them about 30g heavier than the LOOK Keo Blade (base pedal).

Look Power keo powerLook Power keo power

The updated contact service is something riders have asked to update. More surface area should give more stability and a nice, comfortable contact point to push against.

Look Power pedals dual keo bottle

This body is the same as the one used on the new LOOK Keo Blade pedals launched earlier this year, with a new lever shape to improve durability and an updated center of gravity for easier clip-in.

Look Power X Track alloy

LOOK X-Track Power Pedal

The LOOK X-Track Power pedal body is constructed from recycled aluminum, weighing 400g (pair), and has a contact surface of 550mm² vs the current design’s 515 mm². The weight is around the same as the LOOK X-Track Carbon Race (400g with shims) but with more contact surface.

Look Power X Track pedals

LOOK claims the new X-Track Power offers the best power-to-weight ratio on the market, and the numbers sound promising. We don’t have the pedals in-house, but we’re big fans of the X-Track and are excited to see how they stand up. 

Look Power X Track side

Weather Proof Power

The electronic components and batteries are integrated within the pedal axle to eliminate the risk of water, mud, and dust causing problems. Just like the Garmin Power pedals, in the case of damage, the pedal body can be independently replaced. LOOK will offer an extended warranty and a graduated three-year crash replacement program for registered products.

Look Power pedals keo dual

Choose Your Power

Keo Blade Power and X-Track Power are available in either single or dual power reading. For those into power analysis, the pedals offer total power, cadence, left/right balance, and pretty much everything you’re accustomed to for output. The single power measurement option offers a left-side power sensor, estimating total power output by doubling the left-side measurement at a more economical price.

Look Power X Track with cleats

The LOOK Research & Development team has developed a proprietary auto-calibration algorithm to introduce a quick and easy set-up of the pedals, installing them in 30 seconds (give or take) with a 15mm standard pedal wrench. 

Look Power X Track single

Standard Q-Factor 

The most significant pain for me when using power meter pedals (I’ve only used a few, but they all have a common thread) is the stack height, which is very tall. If that isn’t it, the stance width is off. I’m picky, but a few millimeters here and there can add up to a bad day from a saddle sore. LOOK claims both new pedal designs share the non-power versions’ Q Factor and stack height. 

Bluetooth and ANT+

The new LOOK Power pedals offer Bluetooth and ANT+ compatibility. Offering both allows the pedals to better connect to the LOOK (and other) Apps and data synchronization, 

Look Power X Track on bike

All New LOOK App

Like all power meter manufacturers, the new LOOK pedals will connect and be diagnosable through an app. The all-new LOOK App will offer riders a complete breakdown of statistics, including normalized power, intensity factor, power zones, training stress score, functional threshold power, pedaling smoothness, and torque effectiveness. 

Don’t be scared if you’re new to installing pedals or don’t wrench on your bike. The LOOK App guides pedal installation, warranty registration, and how-to firmware updates. Moreover, users can perform tasks such as product calibration, customize settings, and monitor battery status.

Look Power pedals accessoires-connection

What is the Battery Life? 

LOOK claims the new pedals have a 60-hour battery – pretty solid. Even better, the pedals charge via USB-C and a magnetic connector spans both pedals simultaneously on the dual set. A full charge can be achieved in two hours or less, depending on the current charge.

Look Power X Track box

Alex Lavaud, Global Product Manager, LOOK Cycle, notes: “With the all-new X-Track Power and Keo Blade Power, our design team aimed to set the benchmark for accurate power measurement: the lightest pedals, with a standard q-factor and stack height, easy to install, and simple to use. This is the most innovative way to train and progress for performance-focused road, gravel, and XC riders. LOOK has also invested in ensuring riders benefit from increased pedal durability and ease of repair.”

Look Power pedals dual keo bottle

Keo Blade Power — Key Features

  • Body: Carbon
  • Cleat: Keo Grip
  • Axle: Steel
  • Retention: 16 – Carbon
  • Contact Surface: 705 mm²
  • Q-Factor: 53 mm
  • Stack: 10.8 mm
  • Pair Weight: 260g
  • MSRP Single: 699€ / $679 / 599£
  • MSRP Dual: 999€ / $999 / 899£
Look Power X Track both

Key Features — X Track Power

  • Body: Aluminium
  • Cleat: SPD Compatible
  • Axle: Steel
  • Retention: 06 – 14
  • Contact Surface: 550 mm²
  • Q-Factor: 53 mm
  • Stack: 10.7 mm
  • Pair Weight: 400g
  • MSRP Single: 749€ / $759 / 674.99£
  • MSRP Dual: 1099€ / $1099 / 999.99£

Look for more news and a full review once our demo pedals arrive. Until then, check out LOOK.com for more information and to purchase your own. 

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Yeah sure
Yeah sure
1 month ago

Kind of surprised being Look these are only 30% more expensive than the competition. Iirc their last few PM pedals where astronomically expensive.

Larry Falk
Larry Falk
1 month ago

Silver pedal is beautiful!

Seán O'B
Seán O'B
1 month ago

Will that protrusion from the axle not catch the chain in top gear, especially in bump terrain?

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