Magura Vyron MDS-V3 wireless dropper post gets faster action w/ no recharging

Magura was first to market with a wireless, electronically actuated dropper seatpost. But whether it was challenges with OEM spec or the slow-ish reaction time and performance, it never caught on the way the Rockshox Reverb AXS has.

The latest is the third-edition Vyron MDS-V3 dropper post aims to change that with nearly instantaneous wireless actuation, new hydraulic internals that let you drop it faster, and IP67 waterproof construction. Oh, and you never have to recharge it…

rider on the Magura Vyron MDS-V3 wireless dropper seatpost

The new Magura Vyron uses a Bluetooth connection to sync the new remote with the dropper, which they say allows for extremely quick signal transfer. Hold the button for as long as you want the valve open, release to close, just like you would with a traditional cable remote.

You use your body weight to drop it -it’s not an automatic dropper- so you can position it anywhere within its travel. Push the button again to release it and it’ll quickly return to full height.

internal cutaway view of the new Magura Vyron MDS-V3 wireless dropper seatpost

Inside, a redesigned hydraulic system and higher-speed actuator move oil between the chambers more quickly, allow faster height adjustments and returns.

The most notable difference between the Vyron and Reverb (other than about $300 at retail) is that the Vyron uses standard, replaceable batteries rather than a rechargeable system. The post uses a CR2 battery, and the remote uses a common CR2032 coin cell battery.

They say the post’s battery is good for about a full year of use. If that holds up, it’s a considerable increase over the Reverb.

side view Magura Vyron MDS-V3 wireless dropper seatpost

The post will come in four travel options and two diameters. Here are the full specs:

  • WEIGHT: 700g post, 40g remote (without batteries, +/-5%)
  • TRAVEL: 100mm / 125mm / 150mm / 175mm
  • LENGTH: 396mm / 421mm / 446mm / 471mm
  • MIN. INSERTION: 120mm
  • DIAMETER: 30.9 / 31.6
  • CLAMP: 0mm setback
  • MSRP: €579.90 (incl. VAT)

Travel is adjustable between the 100-125mm models and 150-175mm models. So, if you get either, you can go up or down by 25mm should you need to move it to a different bike with more or less room.

The wireless remote has direct-mount options for Magura’s brake levers plus standalone and adapter mounts to work with other brakes and shifters. Available now through authorized dealers and online starting December 2022. The first 1,000 customers to register their purchase also receive a free one-year service checkup.

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9 days ago

Having a disposable battery is not a plus. I would prefer a reusable / rechargeable battery. In addition, I don’t see how you can mount a saddle bag while using this post.

7 days ago

Here I thought they would have come up with a clever energy recovery system that would scavenge energy and recharge an internal battery every time the post descended.