Manitou multiplies their enduro options with new Mezzer Expert Suspension fork

It may not be as shiny as the Sterling Limited Edition, but the Manitou Mezzer Expert is still exciting. That’s because it packs much of the performance of the Mezzer Pro into a more affordable package.

MAnitou Mezzer Expert suspension fork reverse arch

You’ll still find the same 37mm chassis of the Mezzer Pro with 7000 series aluminum and their Reverse Arch technology. This adds up to what Manitou claims is the second lightest enduro fork out there at 2030g (27.5” at 180mm) – only beat by the Mezzer Pro.

Notably, the same chassis means you can potentially upgrade the Expert down the line if you wish. Both the IRT volume adjuster and MC2 damper from the pro model are sold as aftermarket parts and can be swapped in.

One the back of each lower leg under the arch, Trail Side Relief (TSR) ports are found to allow you to bleed down built up pressure in the castings.

MAnitou Mezzer Expert suspension fork crown

Inside the fork, you’ll find Manitou’s Expert Air System which includes a single air valve that balances the pressure between positive and negative chambers during filling. Travel can be easily adjusted with internal snap-on spacers that allow you to take the fork from 180mm down to 140mm without having to buy additional parts.

Positive air volume can be adjusted through t IVA or Incremental Volume Adjuster at the top of the air leg, which again doesn’t need any additional parts to adjust the volume.

Built specifically for the Mezzer Expert, the new VTT-6P compression damper uses a single compression dial that adjusts both high and low speed compression damping at the same time. According to Manitou, “the damper features a fixed shim stack and a secondary shim stack that is preloaded by the external adjuster. In positions 1 and 2 there is an open flow path through the compression damper. In positions 3-6, the adjustable shim stack comes into contact with the piston, increasing platform force. This design provides a wide tuning range that combines the benefits of a low-speed platform and a high-speed progressive tune that can suit any terrain through 6 positions.”

MAnitou Mezzer Expert suspension fork hexlock sl

MAnitou Mezzer Expert suspension fork specs

Sold in 27.5 and 29″ platforms, both include a 15 x 110mm Hexlock SL axle, post mount 180mm brake, and two offset options each. Pricing is set at $749.99 and they’re available now.

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jason d west
jason d west
1 year ago

I am very interested in this product but is the actual performance the same as the more complicated Mezzer Pro in a simpler format?