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Mini Review: Innate Stainless Steel Food Container

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The Innate Stainless Steel Food Container is a newly designed system for keeping food safe from BPA and other plastic concerns.  What really sets it apart, though, is the expandable top that becomes a bowl and is microwave safe.

We got one in to review and thought it’d be fun to test it’s ability to keep a snack safe during a mountain bike ride.  The peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich  is shown in the “before” state above, and the “after” state below, left.  Surprisingly, it looked exactly the same…astounding because a) we buy the natural organic peanut butter from Costco (best peanut butter ever, BTW) which is relatively runny as far as peanut butter goes, and b) because the jam is some extra runny homemade strawberry goodness in which we put no pectin or other thickening agent.  Yet the sandwich looks perfect after a 2-hour MTB ride and the lid stayed securely attached while placed in a CamelBak for the duration of the ride.


The next test will see if it survives (or at least the lunch inside it survives) a school day with a 4-year-old.  If you’re looking for a way to keep your food or snacks safe from chemicals and bouncy bike rides, check it out.  The body is stainless steel and the collapsable lid/bowl (which is also available separately) is food-grade silicone.  The whole thing weighs just 240g and retails for $17.00.  The lid, which is available in the green shown here and red and blue is $12.00 on its own.

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14 years ago

You should take a second mtb ride and pack two sandwiches: one in the Innate container, and one in the typical ziplock. That’d be a good side-by-side comparison to show the quality of the Innate.

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