If the idea of a mixed wheel size mountain bike has seemed like the odd hack or experiment from last decade, look away now. This Specialized Status mountain bike is making the rounds on several of their rider’s instagrams (just search #statusmtb), and it’s apparently using a smaller wheel in the rear than in the front.

This image comes courtesy of @jaimesaenz87 (used with permission, thanks to MS for the tip!). Based on the big Status printed on the side, we’re guessing it’s an upcoming and new iteration of their entry level full suspension mountain bike. Albeit a mullet one with some serious upgrades. Like, a more sophisticated FSR suspension. And room for a bottle inside the front triangle.

So, why?

Why make a Specialized Status “mullet” bike? Funny you should ask. We just recorded a podcast interview with Mullet Cycles’ founders, which sheds a lot of light on the benefits of a properly designed mixed wheel mountain bike. Link coming soon.

And we recently did a bike check with Wyn Masters on his GT, which runs a similar setup. The key difference is his bike makes do with existing parts, but a new-from-the-ground-up design like Mullet’s ti hardtail…or a 2021 (?) Specialized Status…means geometry and kinematics designed specifically for two different wheel sizes. Hmmm…

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Anthony Falvey
Anthony Falvey
2 years ago

New Specialized Status found on the Austrian region of the Specialized website. Price is tbc but full spec and geo list are there.

Shay Hunn
Shay Hunn
1 year ago

Do you have a link?