Sneak Peek: Moots Forager titanium fat bike goes wider with huge 27.5 x 4.5″ tires

Sea Otter is set to open tomorrow and blow up our homepage with tons of new bikes & tech, but we got an early sneaky peek today at Moots’ next-gen titanium Forager fat bike. Sporting some huge 27.5 x 4.5″ Terrene Cake Eater tires, this new Moots Forager fat bike is a massive jump for snow, sand & mud mountain bike riders hunting traction in the loosest & slipperiest conditions…

Moots Forager titanium fat bike

Moots Forager titanium fat bike sneak peek, huge 27.5x4.5" tire snow bike, tire clearance

Moots last updated their ti fat bike with the Frosthammer more than 8 years ago, already fat for the time with 4.8-5″ wide tires on 26″ wheels. But a fat bike hasn’t officially been in their line-up since early 2019. Now that many snow bikers have moved to larger 27.5″ wheels for smoother rolling, it was time for Moots to revive the ti fat bike with the fattest 27.5 tires they could find.

What’s new?

Moots Forager titanium fat bike sneak peek, huge 27.5x4.5" tire snow bike, camo ano seattube

Official max tire clearance for the new ti fat bike is 27.5×4.5” on a wide (presumably up to 100mm) rim.

Claimed Forager frame weight is ~3.75lb (~1.7kg). But you are likely to save a bunch of weight over the last generation of Moots fat bikes, as most of the old Frosthammers we had seen either had a steel fork or a suspension fork.

Moots Forager titanium fat bike sneak peek, huge 27.5x4.5" tire snow bike, carbon ENVE fat fork

Now Moots has designed their ti Forager for the full carbon ENVE fat fork, with a 44mm headtube & a 1.5″ tapered headset. It doesn’t get suspension-corrected geometry anymore, because Moots says they’ve found that the massive tire does enough work for you already, and they weren’t ever impressed with suspension forks on snow anyway.

Tech details

Moots Forager titanium fat bike sneak peek, huge 27.5x4.5" tire snow bike, 120mm threaded BB

The new Forager sticks with pretty standard wide 197mm rear & 150mm front axle thru-axle spacing, but now sizes up to a super-wide 120mm threaded bottom bracket shell to help gets its S-bend chainstays around the massive rear tire. It also retains full-length external cables through guided loops for simplicity, but now adds a larger diameter seatpost for dropper compatibility and modular stealth internal dropper routing. This one sticks with just 2 pairs of regular bottle cage bosses, but it is a Moots, so custom adventure mounts will surely be possible too.

Moots Forager titanium fat bike sneak peek, huge 27.5x4.5" tire snow bike, frame detail

No official word yet on pricing, but it is a titanium mountain bike made by the master bike builders in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Expect a complete bike like this to start over $8000. Update: Let’s make that an even $9898 with a complete XT build!

Coming very soon to Now available at:

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Tony Pepperoni
Tony Pepperoni
7 months ago

I know a dinosaur who LOVES moots titanium. And also Chipotle

7 months ago

That bike is 100% Dope Ammo!

7 months ago

Sweet Moots! That back tire on backwards??

7 months ago
Reply to  nooner

Good catch! But that may be on purpose. Cake Eaters don’t feature front/rear specific tread. I run my rear CE backwards to get a little more knob surface digging in for that reason.

Eric Hunter
7 months ago

I want that! I like the camo detail.