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More Bicycle Speaker Systems

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Following the post I did on the CyFi wireless music system for your bike (arguably one of my favorite posts, BTW), I found two more music speaker systems being marketed for bikes.  Must be that time of year when people are hoping to sell things as Christmas gifts.

The first is the Wicler (above).  This little handlebar mounted wonder has a 1GB MP3 Player (about 300 songs or 18 hours of music), FM radio, two-sound bell, a commuter light (on the back) and has Bluetooth compatibility so you can link to your phone and talk while riding.  Crazy!

It charges and syncs your music via a USB adapter, and it has a headphone jack for non-bike use.  It’ll last about 5 hours per charge using the speaker or about 15 hours with the headphones.  MSRP is 119€, no word on US retail availability at the moment, but you can order it from their website and it’s only about 14€ for shipping…not too bad.

Hit the “more” link to see the bigger speaker that actually houses your iPod…

The second is this bass-tube looking thing I found on Urban Outfitter’s website.  The other pic of this one (after the break) reveals the brand: iHome.  So, you can likely find this and any number of other iPod accessories at stores like TJ Maxx or Marshalls for much less than the $50 MSRP.  It runs on 4 AA batts.

Your iPod (or, presumably, any other small MP3 player) fits inside this unit to make it an all-in-one solution for portable sound.

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