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Muc-Off is Ready to Party with Disco Bar Plugs, All Weather Lube & Battle-Ready Bike Protection

Muc-Off Disco Bar End Plugs, MTB handlebar detail pink close-up
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The UK’s Muc-Off is always gearing up to ride, whatever the weather year-round, and their latest Disco Bar End Plugs hope to bring a little flash of color to brighten up your gray winter rides, plus some extra protection. They’ve also got some new All Weather Chain Lube to take the hassle out of keeping your bike rolling smoothly. And if you haven’t already picked some up, their latest stick-on Bike Protection kits will keep your frame or fork safe from the harsh grit and occasional wipe-out of winter riding, even adding in a bit of extra flair if that’s your bag…

Muc-Off Disco Bar End Plugs

Muc-Off Disco Bar End Plugs, drop bar detail orange
all c. Muc-Off

Disco Bar Plugs are a simple way to add a dash of color to your bike, while giving a bit of bar end protection to boot. Essentially, these are the same end caps and universal fit expanders as you find in Muc-Off’s convenient Stealth Tubeless Puncture Plugs, just minus the tubeless repair tools.

Muc-Off Disco Bar End Plugs, ano color options

If you just want the anodized alloy Muc-Off end cap protection to keep your MTB grips from getting scraped up, or to keep your bar tape wrapped in place, pick up a pair of 13g plug (per side) in one of 5 colors to match your other shiny Muc-Off bits: black, red, blue, bright pink, or orange. The Disco Bar End Plugs sell for $25 / £20 / 20€.

Muc-Off All Weather Chain Lube

Muc-Off All Weather Chain Lube application

And you want to keep your drivetrain shiny and sparkling through the winter too… Muc-Off chain protection.

So, they have a new one-stop-shop universal Muc-Off All Weather Chain Lube. Formulated with a new blend of renewable and biodegradable ingredients, the new all-weather lube promises long-lasting and high-performance versatility so you don’t need to swap lubrication as the weather seesaws back-and-forth. No need to mess with Wet or Dry lubes, just pick all-weather for road, gravel, MTB, or even commuter rides.

Muc-Off All Weather Chain Lube bottle

The new All Weather lube is definitely on the affordable end of Muc-Off’s spectrum (say, compared to their fast AF $65 / 50£ small bottle of Ludicrous AF lube or similarly-priced Ultrasonic Chain Optimization at your local shop), but it still includes the UV tracer dye so you can easily see how well you’ve protected your chain. Muc-Off All Weather chain lube sells for $6 / £5.50/ 7.50€ for a small 50ml bottle, or $11 / £11 / 11€ for the better-value 120ml bottle, available now in Europe and coming in the next weeks to the states.

Muc-Off Bike Protection kits

These have been around since the middle of last year, but nasty winter weather seems like a good time to give your bike some extra protection. And the simple but tough 3M stick-on Cube-Tec protection stickers are all on sale now too, at around 30% off!

Designed to resist scratching up your frame, cranks, or forks, the Muc-Off Bike Protection kits protect the finish of your bike from run-on-the-mill scratches, flying rocks, cable rub, and shoe scuffs. Plus, you can pick from simple clear protectors (matte or glossy) or one of Muc-Off’s four fancy designs to spice up the look of your bike – Muc-Off signature Bolt, a woodland Camo, a colorful ‘Day of the Shred’, or black & white Punk tattoo designs.

Muc-Off Bike Protection kits, Punk downtube protective sticker on bike

At regular prices, $100 / 80€ Frame protection kits include downtube, toptube & seattube strips, seatstay & chainstay wraps, plus anti-cable rub dots. They are made to be cut to fit length-wise and come in regular or eMTB versions for bigger downtubes. $45 / 36€ Fork protection kits include a 8-piece kit to perfectly contour and caress your beloved suspension fork. And $20 / 19€ Crank protection kits are a simple 2-piece affair to wrap carbon or alloy crankarms. Or pick up the $129 / 99€ complete setup to protect your entire ride.


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Roger Pedacter
Roger Pedacter
1 year ago

Why am I not surprised they’re charging $130 for about $15 worth of helicopter tape?

1 year ago

Expensive frame protection only makes sense for shop demo bikes and for bike shop employees that will sell a bike in a year. (and they get it at wholesale price) Otherwise, it isn’t going to add any real protection or resell value. It is an emotional purchase…like much of the crap we buy.

Richard Baillie
Richard Baillie
1 year ago

Freight is the killer!

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