NAHBS 2012 – Sycip Cycles’ XTR Kid’s Mountain Bike, FuseProject Trike II & More

NAHBS 2012 Sycip Cycles fuse project cargo trike tricycle part two

Sycip Cycles is celebrating their 20th anniversary building custom bicycles, and they’ve got a few new options on the table to celebrate.

First, though, is this second iteration of the cargo trike they did in collaboration with Fuse Project, the design firm they partnered with for last year’s Oregon Manifest Constructor’s Challenge. It’s for the wife of one of the folks there, and it gets a few updates as Jeremy Sycip learned from the first build…

NAHBS 2012 Sycip Cycles fuse project cargo trike tricycle part two

The front wheels each have their own disc brake, which meant splitting the hose to push fluid to each set of calipers. To do this, he custom machined a splitter and welded it on the frame. Clean, simple and functional. At right, each front wheel gets fully adjustable ball joint mounts, letting them tune the angle of the front wheels and alignment.

NAHBS 2012 Sycip Cycles fuse project cargo trike tricycle part two

Headlights are placed under the cargo rack and into the head tube. Simply push the bulb in to turn them on. The integrated U-lock remains.

NHABS 2012 Sycip Cycles stainless steel road bike frame

He’s getting back into stainless steel road frames…

NHABS 2012 Sycip Cycles cyclocross bike with stainless steel chainstays

…and partial frames. The stainless chainstays on the cross bike let them remain unpainted without worry of corrosion, and as such will remain unmarred by chain slap.

NHABS 2012 Sycip Cycles custom logo embossed leather saddle and grips

It was dressed up with custom logo embossed leather saddle and sew-on grips.

NAHBS 2012 Sycip Cycles custom handmade kids mountain bike with xtr and disc brakes

This kid’s mountain bike was commissioned by one of their dealers for his son. It rolls on 20″ wheels with XTR drivetrain (except cranks), ENVE handlebar, Formula R1 disc brakes and Industry Nine hubs and spokes. Cranks are some cheap, solid alloy Truvativ models. Because they’re solid, they could drill and tap new crank holes. Heh, heh: Envy rims.

Custom frames start at $1,800 and the paint was $500 on this one, so you can do the math.

NAHBS 2012 Sycip Cycles new internal cable routing option through the penny

Another new feature offered is internal cable routing to the rear brake and derailleur, which pokes directly through Sycip’s trademark penny seatstay cap.

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10 years ago

What does the kids bike weigh? I think weight is one of the deterrents for kids getting into mountain biking. A 50-60LB kid on a 25-30lb bike makes the uphill tough. I know I would have a harder time if my bike weighed half of my weight.

10 years ago

What? That kids bike is kinda cool. A mix of overkill and underwhelming parts to be sure, but those components are probably just what the fam bam had laying around.

Wonder if there’s a weight limit on that frame.

Dr Binner
Dr Binner
10 years ago

Vodalous–i ride with an 8 year old who currently rides a 34lb Kona hardtail!

i do not think weight is a deterrent. i think if parents can spent time with their kids on bikes or get them to participate in a bicycle school like my bike club, that this is what is going to get kids on bikes, no matter what the weight is.