Sojourner Cyclery likes to use natural FRPs as opposed to man-made FRPs. Translation: Wood is nature’s “Fiber Reinforced Polymer”, which has been around long before carbon fiber was created in a lab. To be more specific, builder Jay Kinsinger uses walnut to create things like this disc brake road bike, a tandem that’s been ridden across the U.S., a tall unicycle and even a motorized mountain bike.

Pics of the show bikes, plus a “how he does it” video, and Snyder Cycles’ latest mountain bikes and more, below…






Pricing on standard frames starts at $3,000, and the tandem is $5,000. This tall unicycle? Probably best to inquire directly. Check them out at



Snyder’s new Sociale step-through city bike has relaxed geometry, but they say it’ll still handle its own on fast commutes. Unlike their others, this one’s only sold as a complete bike at $950. For that, you get a Nexus 3-speed internally geared hub, 37mm wide tires and a super loud bell. From there, an 11-speed hub upgrade is available, as are racks, fenders and other accessories to make it your own. Or add your own later on, all the mounts and bosses are there.


Their Jackalope hardtail was shown with a sparkly new paint option…


…and the new Shimano rear derailleur direct mount dropout. Check them out at to see the rest of the line, which includes road, track and cyclocross models made in Atlanta, GA.


  1. S. Molnar on

    The wooden bicycle reminds me of my old Dunlop Maxply laminated wood tennis racquet. I’ll take style over (slightly) improved performance any day.

  2. Steveko on

    The wooded bicycles are phenomenal. Especially on a nice sunny day, when the natural grain and color just pop. On my coffee and doughnut ride, I have met them along the road, many times. The form, fit, and performance was excellent!


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