enve carbon fiber grd gravel road bike fork

If you recall last year, the ENVE GRD gravel road bike fork showed up on a few bikes. A few of those forks are still floating around on show bikes this year, too, but the official design has changed a bit.

It switches to the flat mount disc brake standard for production, but retains the 12mm thru axle that helped introduce Chris King’s new hub option last year, too. Final claimed weight is 450g, and it comes with a clip-on carbon fender. Axle to crown measures 382mm, rake is 47mm. Order one now for $750 and it should come off back order in April.

Check out updates to the wheels below…



If the handbuilt crowd is any indication of where the big brands are going, expect to see a LOT of bikes spec’ing flat mount brake calipers soon.


All rim brake wheels now have their molded textured braking surface. It started on the 2.2, but now comes on the 3.4, 4.5 and 7.8 series, too. The 6.7 and 8.9 are being phased out of the line because, they say, the other sizes are now more aero and lighter.


The 2.2 and 7.8 are tubeless compatible, and that’s a feature that’ll make its way onto all clinchers as they get updated or redesigned.



  1. durianrider on

    “If you recall….a fork made in Vietnam but sold on the website with the bottom left logo saying ‘handbuilt in the USA’ haha.

    The clip on fender looks good but carbon fender means snap city as soon as you have a basic crash.

  2. Blueberry on

    Why couldn’t they use a 15mm thru axle? Made me angry when they announced it, makes me angry today. Wait a few years and they’ll say that they can increase rigidity by going from 12mm to 15mm! What a d*#k move.

    • boom on

      I remember reading that it’s lighter, just as stiff for road purposes (i.e. 15mm simply isn’t needed on the road, kinda similar to how 20mm simply isn’t needed on the trail), and it’s easier to fit on forks with the flat mount standard. So yes, there ARE valid reasons.

    • Ajax on

      I agree. 15mm front thru axle is already the standard on MTN and now cross disc bikes. Road disc bikes should have a 15mm thru axle front, not 12mm. Having a gravel grinder road bike with a 15mm thru axle front fork makes it easier to accept 29er wheels that already have 15mm thru axle hubs.

      Don’t be a dolt. Acting like a 15mm thru axle has no benefits over a 12mm thru axle is dumb.

  3. TomM on

    I ride year-round near Seattle and always like to see new fenders released. This one is initial promising but has two problems: I’d need to drill holes in the end to add a flap, and there is no matching rear fender (at least not yet). The last point is a deal breaker as a bike would look funny with two vastly different fenders on it.


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