rolf prima vigor alpha stealth ballistic ano hubs and rims road wheels

Just prior to NAHBS, Rolf Prima unveiled their EOS3 ultralight carbon clincher as their first made-at-home carbon fiber rim. This follows their move to bring all alloy rim construction in house, too, and shows their hand for future product development.

At NAHBS, they showed off two more new models, both alloy, and one that shares EOS3’s ballistic finish on the hubs and takes that all the way around the rims, too! The other is the Hyalite, a shallow but wide road tubeless alloy rim laced to disc brake hubs that puts them smack in the middle of the gravel race category…

rolf prima vigor alpha stealth ballistic ano hubs and rims road wheels

The Ballistic Armor Coating is essentially a hard ano that protects the hubs and, for this model, the rim, too. And it looks killer, especially with the split graphics running through the flange.

rolf prima vigor alpha stealth ballistic ano hubs and rims road wheels


Here’s a closer look at the EOS3. The show samples had already been taped for tubeless.






The Hyalite is an all new disc-specific rim, and it’s laced to Center Lock disc brake hubs to keep the weight down to a paltry 1,505g per set for the standard build. A stronger “ES” build comes in at 1,645g for heavier riders.



Take your pick of axle standards, including both 12mm and 15mm front thru axles. That should make them a good choice for cyclocross, gravel and all around road use.


All wheels should be available this spring, pricing TBD.


  1. Kernel Flickitov on

    V profile rims died off a few years ago, and they’re not wide enough. Every major wheel and/or rim manufacturer that have wind tunnel access dumped the V like a bad habit. And almost 20 years of paired spokes I can count on one hand all the times I’ve spotted Rolfs out riding or racing. Great stuff I suppose if your time machine broke and you’re stuck in the late 90’s.

    • DRC on

      A DC area shop with multiple locations is a Rolf dealer, so I’ve seen them around here and there. Plus my friends and I have run them in the past few years. I’m 190-200 lbs and haven’t had a single issue with mine. Crashed into a car once, resulting in my bike doing cartwheels down the street, and they just needed a mild trueing, probably could have ridden them home if I wasn’t in an ambulance.

  2. Ken on

    I’m no fan of low count paired spokes either. I’ve seen enough of their wheels that couldn’t be completely trued because the spokes are paired. Tim makes a valid point.

    How well does their loss spoke count work with disc brakes? With the braking forces moved to the hub that has to decreased braking efficiency considerably I would think. Wouldn’t a higher spoke count wheel be much more responsive?

    All that considered they still look cool as hell

  3. traildog on

    For a different perspective, a pair of Bonty Race X Lites (paired spoke, 20f/24r) from like 2006 were absolutely the best aluminum wheels I’ve ridden on. Raced and trained on them for years, crashed, etc, always great. A little flexy, but in a nice way, light enough, never had to true them unless spokes were snapped in a crash, still trued up great. Even wore through a set of braking surfaces without riding them in the winter.

  4. codevader on

    The engineer in me tells me that these are a bad idea, however I rode several tandems with these wheels over a number of years and they were bullet-proof, and lighter than any other tandem wheels at the time.

  5. Devin Zoller on

    The number of extremely strong and aggressive Oregon racers that use and abuse and don’t ever worry about the reliability of their Rolfs is a pretty good counterpoint to all the theoretical hand-wringing going on here.

  6. Colin M on

    Those Bontrager Race X Lites that traildog mentioned are still on my bike. 10 years of riding and I’ve only had to do routine service to the hubs. No truing. Paired spokes work great.

  7. icycle_bay on

    Anecdotal evidence for sure, but I see a ton of the older Rolf Vigor etc. wheels still rolling true as ever on 20 year old bikes that are otherwise beat to crap. I think these are an awesome choice and they look real good.

  8. Alex on

    I train and race on Rolf Prima wheels. I’ve never had any issues. I’ve never had to true them. Perhaps I’m lucky, but I’ve never even broken a single spoke on my Rolf wheels. Very stiff, and light wheels. I can’t wait to see their new, USA made Eos3 carbon wheel. Instead of purchasing ridiculously overpriced wheels from ENVE, I went with Rolf and got myself a very nice power meter with the extra money left in my pocket.

  9. Gef on

    I’m in for the Hyalite just as my new disc cross bike is getting ready. I’ve thrashed a set of Vigors for about 3 years now, including riding things that shouldn’t be ridden on a road bike, and they hold up. I’m excited for the US made rim also.


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