TRP wanted to improve their direct mount brakes to make them easier to center, and to play nicer with other parts on the bike.

Shown above on bottom left and center, they accomplished this be reworking the cable routing on two different rear brake designs. The T930 front, shown bottom right, maintains the standard side-pull cable routing. For the rears, they now have improved clearance over their Tektro versions. Now, they’ll sit hidden under the frame and work with Stages power meters and similar, which would have solved the issue during our Scott Solace review.

For disc brake bikes, they’ll have flat-mount versions of their HyRD brake calipers sometime this year. Details on the rest below…


Two screws, one on each arm, let you easily adjust them for rim width if you change wheels without changing cable tension or other set up.


You’ll still want an inline or barrel adjuster since there’s no quick release. The rears are the T850/851 and get either center or side pull designs depending on how your frame’s cable routing is laid out.


The new Delta-style center pull brakes, called T860/861 (with or without cable stop respectively), are an aero brake for front use. We first spotted them on the Culprit Legend triathlon prototype bike, but TRP wasn’t ready to talk about them yet.


Two versions will be offered, one with the cable stop attached, and one without for use with stems or hangers that provide the cable stop. The cable will pull a wedge (not shown) upwards to split the upper arms, which have their own spring loading to help them snap back quickly. The brake arms are independent of the upper arms and can be adjusted individually like the 850s.

Weights for all are TBD, pricing from about $130 to $190 depending on model, but the direct mounts should be out in a month or so, the Delta styles in a couple months.


The new 29 brake rotors are the 6-bolt version of the braking surface design introduced in their center lock rotors. They get the mud clearing grooves, which they found actually extend pad life even though they look like they’d scrape away material.


Their forks get final spec updates with removable fender mount eyelets. The cutaway shows the internal brake hose guide.



Just for fun, they had this brake custom painted by someone who does motorsports helmet artwork. It’s a one-off that won’t be for sale.


  1. Dave on

    Flat mount .. ok. TRP, you make the best cable discs out there. Can we have IS-specific calipers like older XTR for steel bikes? Flat and Post mounts are clunky for steel frames and forks. PM adapters look a bit clunky too but give me IS with an adapter over a heavy PM in steel with poorer load distribution just to look better.

  2. anonymous on

    Every time you write about those brakes you call them deltas even though every time in the comments its pointed out that they’re roller cams.

  3. TRP Brakes on

    @StevenK – Check out our website: or email us at for more info on the fork

    @Raoul Morely – Yes, the Hylex RS are in the works, but still 1-2 months away from being available.

    @Jason – The fork has an internal shaft that the hydraulic line goes through, entering and exiting near the crown and about halfway down on the trailing edge of the fork. You’ll have to disconnect the hydraulic line from the brake in order to route it through the fork, and then reattach it.

  4. Rich on

    When is the T850 due out. The article says “should be out in a mi the or so”. Stages power meter for my TT bike patiently waiting on the shelf.

  5. Nick on

    @TRP Brakes
    will you have an adapter for normal brake mounting for the direct mount brakes? I know this kinda defeats the purpose of direct mount – but all these nice new designs are coming out in DM only.


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