Triton hails from Russia and is doing some really interesting things with titanium, which is where they work up full custom frames and have garnered praise and attention from other builders. More on that in a minute…first, we’re showing off their new carbon brand, Pushka. Roughly translating to “cannon”, Pushka is slang for fast. Like, say you’re a tuner kid and you’re little car is quick, they’d call it “pushka”. And judging by the looks of this 3D printed proof of concept frame, the finished bicycle will be rather quick, too.

pushka carbon fiber road bikes with custom stems and seat posts and paint from Triton Bikes in Russia

Where their titanium business is based around custom geometry, Pushka will be stock sizes. But, they’re making the stem and seatpost, too, which allows for some fit customization. It’ll also allow them to easily paint everything to match and get creative with the final look for each customer.

From here, they head to the computer to finalize the design based on CFD and such, then to the wind tunnel, and then finally into production. Target is end of year.

We’re loving the low-set seatstays and little details where it meets the seat tube. Check out Anna’s take on this project in her pre-NAHBS guide.

Triton Bikes

For ti, they brought this road bike with a sweet etched finish, but the real highlight on it was their new flat-mount rear stay section.

The trick to getting proper brake alignment in all planes is keeping the metal from bending or twisting as the tubes are all welded together. To reduce the number of welds required, they’ve machined a one-piece section that incorporates both mounts into a round section that can be more easily welded between the chainstay and the dropout. Word is, several other builders were asking how much.

A nice mix of polished and brushed was turned into a nice honeycomb pattern.

Rotor had a number of show bikes set up with their new UNO group, which we’re currently testing on a long term bike, too!

Check Bikerumor’s Instagram for a few more photos of Triton’s bikes and very entertaining photo of their T-shirts!


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