Stashers has been making insulated bags for years, helping you strap beers (or sodas, seltzers, or gear) all over your bike. Now, their new Cargo Bag adds a little girth to help you bring bigger bottles…or your DSLR. And you can do it all without any leaks or creaks thanks to a waterproof liner and padded constuction.

stashers cargo handlebar bag on a flat bar

Whether you want to carry a 32oz crowler, a Nalgene bottle, or even spare fuel canisters for your camp stove, they’ll all fit. Special layers of padding and insulation help keep the drinks (or food) hot or cold for up to four hours.

stashers oversized insulated handlebar roll bag for carrying crowlers and larger cold drinks or ice

A removable, waterproof food-grade inner liner means you can even stuff it full of ice for longer hauls. Then pull it out to easily let it air dry.

stashers cargo bag padded handlebar roll bag for cameras

It also comes with padded dividers that you can move, creating custom departments. Use it for a camera, lenses, or even camping gear, a jacket, snacks, whatever.

stashers cargo handlebar bag on a road bike drop handlebar


Two small external zippered end pockets give you quick access to small stuff. It uses long Velcro straps to fit around any handlebar…or a roll bar on your Jeep, ATV, overland rig, whatever.


Get it in Black, Green, Realtree Camo, and Laughing Grass Camo. Dimensions are 12.2″ long x 6″ diameter (31x15cm), retail is $59.99.

If you’re new to Stashers, the brand was started by husband and wife team Julie and Jeff Thrasher, and we’re sad to report that Jeff recently passed away from Leukemia in November, 2020. We’re happy to help spread the word as Julie keeps the brand going.


  1. John on

    The article mentions filling the waterproof bag with ice. Although it is true it will contain the ice, your stuff around it will still get wet from water in the air that will form condensation on the outside of the bag with ice. Your bike bag will be dripping water and appear to leak. So don’t put your camera next to a bag of ice.

  2. Seraph on

    I really like the bar bag but I wish the straps weren’t so wide. No way these are going to fit on my bars with a Wahoo mount as well as SRAM MultiClics.


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