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New Cane Creek Aer, Classic and Tapered Headsets

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INTERBIKE 2009Cane Creek had two new introductions with their new 110 Tapered Headset series and their 100 Classic series.  And even though they released the AER at Sea Otter, we also took a few pics of it because, well, it’s ridiculously light.

Shown above is the 110 Tapered series.  It’s available in all of Cane Creek’s colors, uses their “Split Lip” dual bearing seal to keep out the gunk and is machined in North Carolina from 7075 T-6 Aluminum.  But these aren’t “stock” items…Cane Creek is allowing dealers (and presumably consumers) to order whatever combo of top bottom pieces they need to fit a particular bike.  From their press release:

“Tapered designs utilize combinations of Traditional, Zero Stack, Integrated and 1.5 headsets that result in upwards of 30 unique assembly matches. Historically, this would present a significant challenge for dealers and consumers trying to find the proper assembly to fit a bike. Under the Cane Creek Tapered Headset Solution, the universe of possible configurations can be met by four top assemblies and six bottom assemblies”

That’s a smart way to do it and keeps shop inventory at a manageable level.  Of course, with so many options, it may be a bit harder to figure out system weights, but hopefully CC will add that to their site when the Tapered page goes live.

Hit ‘more’ to see other photos and the new 100 Classic and AER headsets…



Just shows a few of the options, including the Zero Stack on right, which allows for a very low stack height.  Presumably, you’ll also be able mix and match colors (fingers crossed…).


The new 100 Classic comes as either a 1″ threaded (93g) or 1″ threadless (85g), with prices ranging from $100 to $125.  It’s basically a 110, but with less costly materials and finishing, and it’s only available in silver and black…but it could breathe some new life into that classic frame you’ve been hanging onto for years (decades).


The AER is a stupid light headset.  With weights ranging from just 33g to 50g, they are without a doubt the world’s lightest headsets.


How do they do it?  Simple, they get rid of the traditional bearings and go with a Norglide X2 composite bearing.  Actually, using the word bearing is a bit misleading…as you can read from the graphic above (click to enlarge), it’s really an aluminum base sandwiched between a layer of low-friction PTFE tape and an elastomeric rubber backing material that, combined, weighs just 1.5g.


That’s what the “bearing” looks like…it’s the beige ring (bottom left).  There’s a more detailed breakdown of each piece of this headset in our Sea Otter coverage.


They also machine out the part that inserts into the frame.  Fortunately (for roadies), they’ll be able to order the AER in different pieces to accommodate newer road frames with tapered head tubes, too.

Prices range from $100 to $125, which Cane Creek says makes it one of the most cost-effective weight saving upgrades you can buy.

And don’t forget, Cane Creek just released their new limited edition World Bicycle Relief headset that benefits the titled charity.

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