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New Carbon Rim DT Swiss Road Bicycle Wheels

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dt swiss new carbon rim road and mountain bike wheels for racing and cross country bicycles rrc exc tubular

BIKERUMOR.com 2009 SEA OTTER CLASSIC COVERAGE: DT Swiss showed off a number of new wheels with some serious technical improvements.  Shown above are the RRC 32, 46 and 66, named for their rim depth.  They’re available in both front and rear, with each wheel being sold separately so you can mix and match based on your particular needs.  The names of the wheels, below, give away their specs in that the three-digit number is the weight (+/- 5g) and the letter is (F)ront or (R)rear:

  • RRC 425F 32 (420g, $1,450 – spokes: 20 radial)
  • RRC 525R 32 (530g, $1,755 – spokes: 24 2X)
  • RRC 445F 46 (445g, $1,450 – spokes: 20 radial)
  • RRC 555R 46 (555g, $1,755 – spokes: 24 2X)
  • RRC 625F 66 (630g, $1,450 – spokes: 16 radial)
  • RRC 725F 66 (730g, $1,755 – spokes: 20 2X)

Prices are the same regardless of rim depth across the line, and rear wheels are available with either a 9/10 Shimano or 9/10/11 Campy freehub body.  Hubs have 100mm spacing front and 130mm rear, both based on their 240s hubs.  Wheels are mounted via DT Swiss’ RWS Road Titan ti skewer system.

Hit ‘more’ for lots of pics and more specs and details…


Tubulars are shown, however all three are available in clincher as well.  Clincher US retail prices will be $1,646 front and $1,989 rear across the line.  Clinchers have a max inflation limit of 140psi.  Clincher weights are:

  • RRC 32: 570g F / 680g R
  • RRC 46: 595g F / 705g R
  • RRC 66: 770g F / 880g R

Not shown are their new full carbon disc wheels, the RRC 1055 Tubular (1055g, $2,727 USD) and RRC 1300 Clincher (1300g, $2,866 USD).


All wheels come with SwissStop brake shoes.


The spokes are tightened via nipples hidden in the rim.  The nipples are adjustable with a 2mm hex key, and they’re rounded on the outside edge to allow them to seat correctly without lateral tension.


The hubs are a little lighter than their standard 240s.  They have machined out ratchets and smaller stainless steel bearings.

Word on the street is the BMC pro road team will be racing this starting mid-year.


Another new toy DT Swiss is playing with is this new ratchet.  Intended for their upcoming BMX wheels (see what happens when a sport gets into the Olympics?), it has twice as many engagement points for instant acceleration.  Their rep said it’ll be available to go into most of their hubs, but it’s probably not a good fit for most people since it will create a little more drag.  Nevertheless, they said their sponsored downhill riders were clamoring for it just because it was shiny and new.

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