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New Cycling Clothing from BMC Bicycles

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BMC Bicycles has launched their own line of clothing with a full range of long- and short-sleeve jerseys accompanied by shorts, for both men and women.

The new line is said to be created with a “passion for an active lifestyle with unique design and Swiss precision.” Most items are cut to be somewhat form fitting to work for both men and women, but several items are gender specific. There are three series of clothing: a Passion Series of race-ready clothing in red/black/white, the Flow Series of off-road gear in natural green/gray tones and the Groove Series (all black) of casual wear for easy rides and after cycling. Above is the Long Sleeve Race Shirt, a fill-zip jersey with a textured inside to add a little warmth.  It has three elasticized back pockets, and the material wicks sweat away from the body.

Below are the Men’s Flow Shirt and Short, and the Women’s Short (L to R).  The Jersey is made from DrySkin Bamboo, a 50/50 blend of Polyester and Bamboo and has an almost full-length zipper and a zippered side pocket for your valuables. Perhaps the coolest feature is a microfiber panel on the inside of the jersey made for wiping your shades.

bmc-flow-men-green-clothing-front bmc-flow-short-men-brown-01 bmc-flow-shorts-women-green-01

The Flow Shorts are designed to complement the Flow Shirt.  They’re built with Cordura panels and a large zipper side pockets.  A stretch panel keeps them up, and a front zipper opens up for ventilation on the men’s version.  The women’s shorts are cut shorter but equally baggy, have three pockets and are 100% nylon.  They have a rear adjustment strap to keep the waist tight.

Click on any of the images to enlarge, and hit ‘more’ to see the rest of the line…


The backside of the men’s shorts shows the stretch panels on the waist band.


This Softshell Jacket is part of the Groove Series.  It provides wind and water resistance, has zippered front and hand pockets and thumb loops that cover the wrists.  The zipper has a soft cover at the top to keep it from pinching or pressing against your neck.


The women’s Flow Shirt has a short zipper and features the microfiber panel to wipe your sunglasses.  It has two back pockets and is also made of the Dry-Skin Bamboo.  It’s also available in a sleeveless version.


The rear view of the men’s Flow Shirt shows the graphics that adorn most of the items in their line (albeit with different sayings on each item).  No back pockets, just the zippered side pocket on the men’s shirt.


The unisex Flow Micro Jacket protects from wind while remaining breathable.  It has a front zippered pocket and tabbed chin guard.  It’s designed to pack down small enough to fit in a jersey pocket.  They also have a vest that uses the same Micro-Nylon but has a more open, breathable mesh back panel.


The Passion Race Shirt comes in red and black, and uses their Dry-Skin Polyester to wick sweat quickly and help keep you dry.  It has three normal back pockets plus a smaller zippered center pocket.  The front zip opens almost the whole way down.


The Event Jacket uses Event waterproof fabric to offer 100% water protection.  Zippered vents provide ventilation, and front and side pockets keep your stuff dry.  The back has an extendable spray flap that drops down, and BMC claims the jacket is extremely lightweight, and it’s available in both Passion red and Flow brown.

bmc-handschuh-lang-front cycling glove

Their gloves are part of the Passion Series.  They offer a long finger for cooler weather, and a short finger for warmer weather.  Both are made of a stretch polyester, but the shorty’s are not as textured (thinner) and have finger loops to make them easier to remove.

bmc-thermo-pant-tightsThere are other items available, including a men’s and women’s “pit” shirt, and Passion Race Pants bib-shorts.

For cooler weather, they have their Thermo Loose Pants, shown at left.  They use two separate, unconnected panels on the front for serious warmth.  The outer layer blocks the wind, while the inner micro-fleece layer provides soft warmth.  Since the panels aren’t connected, air stays between them offering additional insulation.

They have a stretchy waistband and ankle straps to keep them covering you fully, and reflective bits at the knee and ankle keep you visible.

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14 years ago

They offer a long finger for cooler weather, and a short finger for warmer weather. Both are made of a stretch polyester, but the shorty’s are not as textured and have finger loops to make them easier to remove.

14 years ago

Verry beautiful de BMC clothing,but where can i buy it? Belgium,Holland,…?



bart vanschooren
bart vanschooren
14 years ago

I want to know where I can buy BMC clothing

14 years ago

Do you know a website where we can order these nice clothing?? please if someone knows already , let us know..

14 years ago

I’ve been looking for these online too. No luck so far.

14 years ago

Our bicycle tour company is developing an on-line store to sell this BMC clothing. It should be up and running by the end of December at http://www.bikeshopswitzerland.com

However, you can find all the items and their prices in the BMC catalog which is available at our blog at the following link: http://www.bikeswitzerland.com/blog/2009/06/

We’re located in Switzerland, but will ship these items anywhere in the world for free for orders more than 200 Swiss Francs.

14 years ago

You can now find most of the BMC line at http://www.bikeshopswitzerland.com

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