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New Giro Formula MTB shoes, Ethos commuter helmet w/ turn signals & more!

giro formula pro trail mountain bike shoes
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Giro’s new products for Fall 2022 ranged from MTB gloves and shoes, to aero road gloves, to MTB-friendly casual commuter shoes. And a dedicated commuter bike helmet with front and rear lights, plus a Bluetooth remote to control its turn signals.

Giro Formula & Formula Pro trail shoes

Designed as a high-performance “Fun country” trail shoe, the new Formula Pro is as much for pedaling as descending, and to be comfortable doing both all day.

It gets a new Sensor rubber compound they say is durable yet grippy with a medium durometer that works well in the wet and dry. That material is co-molded with a carbon-composite outsole that’s shaped into smaller lugs under the rubber.

This design puts a thinner layer of rubber over top, so the lugs are better support and there’s less overall weight, but also eliminates adhesive and any chance of delamination. The Formula Pro gets two BOA dials and will retail for $300/pair.

giro formula pro trail mountain bike shoe

The Formula gets essentially the same exact construction, just with one less BOA dial. It comes in a women’s version, too. MSRP is $250.

Giro Tracker & Tracker Fastlace MTB/commuter shoes

giro tracker fast lace flat pedal shoes are perfect for beginner mountain bikers and commuters

If you’re looking for a casual MTB shoe that’s great for beginners, or a serious commuter shoe that has the technical look and feel you’re used to on your performance bike, the new Trackers are it. Price is $110 for the Fastlace version, and $130 for the BOA equipped model.

giro tracker flat pedal shoes

They’re built similarly to Giro’s more aggressive flat pedal MTB shoes, but with a slimmer profile and lighter weight materials. The Tack Rubber outsole provides plenty of grip on pins, with a sole stiff enough for good foot support on singletrack, but something you could still walk around the store in. Available soon.

Giro Gnar Glove MTB gloves

Giro Gnar mountain bike glove with D30 impact protection

The new Giro Gnar mountain bike glove gets D3O impact protection materials across the knuckles and fingers. The back of the hand is a lightweight, breathable Airprene material, which along with the Bravo microfiber palm is part of their Renew series of recycled materials. MSRP is $50.

Giro Supernatural Light road gloves

giro supernatural light road bike glove with seamless palm padding

Giro was the first to use Elastic Interface’s seamless padding on a glove, and now they’re streamlining it even more by using a sleek pull-on design with no closure. Als0 $50, these stretched well when we tried them on, so might be worth sizing down one size or (ideally) trying on at your local bike shop.

Giro Ethos commuter helmet with turn signals

giro ethos commuter bicycle helmet with turn signals

The Giro Ethos is a new deep coverage urban cycling helmet that not only builds in front and rear lights, but also turn signals. With standard white front and red rear lights, they switch amber when you indicate a turn using the included Bluetooth handlebar remote control.

giro ethos commuter bicycle helmet with integrated lights

The lights provide 360º visibility, and can be toggled between steady and flashing modes during normal use.

bluetooth turn signal remote for giro ethos bike helmet

The remote lets you switch modes and indicate that you’re turning. Once you’ve clicked L or R to signal a turn, it’ll beep lightly, much like your car’s turn signals click to remind you that they’re on. And if you don’t hear it or tune out, they’ll automatically turn off after 120 seconds and go back to your normal front and rear light output.

MSRP is $250 for the standard version, and $280 with a clear face shield that protects your eyes from wind and rain.

Other than the Tracker shoes, everything else shown here starts shipping in late Fall 2022.


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1 year ago

Helmet mounted lights are actually illegal in a lot of European countries

Eggs Benedict
Eggs Benedict
1 year ago
Reply to  Jaap

Interesting, any idea as to why they are illegal?

1 year ago
Reply to  Jaap

Hmm. Where does it say it is illegal. I think it is illegal if you use the helmet light as the only light. There must be a light on the bike.

Ivar Grape Arnesen
Ivar Grape Arnesen
1 year ago
Reply to  Peter

In Norway the rules are: your main light needs to be mounted on the bike (red rear, white front; there are rules for reflexes too but the law is not active). You can have secondary lights but the act of blinding other road users is prohibited.

By this, having helmet mounted lights does not count as lights on your bike. The reason obviously being that you display your direction with the lights on your bike. If you turn your head, this direction becomes meaningless, you might not even show lights backwards at all.

XC forever
XC forever
1 year ago

Giro’s Sector is flexy as hell and the Code is no longer in stock. Make a decent XC shoe please Giro.

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