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New Gloworm G2.0 night lights let you customize output via app, up to 3600 lumens!

gloworm g2 lights on a mountain bike riding at night
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Gloworms’ night riding lights are among our favorites for their long run times, customizable beam patterns, and light weight. Now, their remote control options get better, with a new Bluetooth remote switch for your handlebar, and an app to customize each setting.

The Gloworm G2.0 range also gets minor updates to the optics and tech for better performance, but big improvements to the cable and battery systems. Here’s all the details…

Gloworm Bluetooth remote control

bluetooth remote for gloworm bike lights

Their handlebar-mounted remote switches to Bluetooth connectivity, but remains a simple two-button controller. Cycle up and down through modes, or turn the lights off and on.

Gloworm Link App

gloworm link app for smartphones shown with customization options on the screen

Perhaps the coolest and most functional upgrade to the G2.0 series is the ability to quickly and easily customize the output for each mode via their Gloworm Link smartphone app. No more pressing and holding buttons in certain patterns, now you just use a slider and select the mode you want to change.

Improved battery and cable connections

gloworm bike light with usb c power plug

Virtually every night riding light from every brand has had a proprietary cable and connection system, which means those batteries are basically useless outside of their specific light set.

Gloworm changes the game with a new USB-C connection, which lets you use their batteries as spare battery banks for recharging anything from phones to GPS to tablets…possibly even your laptop.

They say the new USB-C connections also improve waterproofness up to IP67, and their “EasyRelease” attachment lets it pull free easily to avoid damage during a wreck.

gloworm g2 battery

The battery pack is sleeker than before. It has an OLED display that shows remaining power percentage and an estimate of remaining run time in the current mode. Optional fast charging lets you top it off at the last minute (getting up to two hours of ride time on a 90-minute charge with the X2 Adventure model).

They come with two different length cables, letting you easily run it on the handlebar or your helmet, snaking the cable deep into a hydration pack.

Gloworm G2.0 models & specs

gloworm x2 g2 adventure lights for mountain biking and night riding

There will be five packages offered with the Gloworm G2.0 series. Two use their 2-bulb X2 head unit, which pumps out 2,000 lumens and weighs just 79g.

The X2 Adventure gets a 5000mAh Li-ion fast charge battery that’s good for 2 hours of run time on maximum brightness. Total system weight is 290g, price is $269.

The X2 Lightset upgrades to a larger 10,000mAh battery for twice the run time (4hrs on max). System weight is 456gm, price is $309. Both are a 300-lumen increase from the G1.0 models we tested.

gloworm xsv g2 adventure lights for mountain biking and night riding

The larger 3-bulb head unit comes in two varieties – XS with 2,800 lumens and XSV with 3600 lumens. Both are a slight bump from G1 models, too.

The XS Adventure ($309) kit gets the 5,000mAh battery for 1.5 hours on max, and the standard XS kit ($349) gets their 10,000mAh battery for 3 hours on max. The XSV bundle ($389) gets the 10,000mAh battery, but will drain it in 2 hours on max output.

All models are available for pre-order now, shipping May 1, 2021.

Check our full review to see how they work and closeups of their swappable lens elements that let you customize the beam pattern.


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2 years ago

The main thing i care about is the beam pattern and how the light is projected down trail. their video is complete trash. it takes almost half the time for the lights to even turn on and then i just see it head on. I like the connector and battery pack but everything else is super gimmicky. just give me like 5 modes and I am good.

hard pass.

Dr. Juan de Bobo, DDS
Dr. Juan de Bobo, DDS
2 years ago

Been running a Glowworm for a couple years now. Really nice light. Upgrades look great

Tiny Tim
Tiny Tim
2 years ago

Not sure about usb type C connector in this application.

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