The new Lazer G1 replaces the Genesis as their top road bike helmet, and it dropped more grams than letters to come in at a claimed 189g. Actually, for markets outside of the U.S. and Canada, this new model will keep the Genesis name, but for most of North America States, it’s called the G1. And it doesn’t give up much to get that super low weight.

Lazer G1 is one of the lightest production road bike helmets on the market for 2020

It uses a standard in-molded hard shell with EPS foam construction, formed around 22 large vents. There’s really no secrets here, just a pairing down of non-essentials to shave grams. Things like “race day” pads are a little slimmer than the also-included “comfort” pads, and a streamlined Advanced Rollsys retention dial do the trick. The latter is their dial-on-top system that pulls cable 360º around your head to help secure the helmet without distinct pressure points.

is the Lazer G1 the same as the Genesis

The claimed weight is for a size small, CE-certified helmet. Meaning, the European-approved model. North American customers get a slightly heaver (~20-25g) CPSC version, and you can opt for a MIPS model that’ll probably add another 25-35g.

new Lazer G1 is their lightest road bike helmet for 2020 and will be called the Genesis outside of the USA

It’s available in five colors and retails for $219 (non-MIPS) and $239.99 (MIPS). Available in November 2019. It’s compatible with their Aeroshell cover, too, sold separately. Check out their new mountain bike and commuter helmets, which were announced last week.


    • Ben Gandy on

      There doesn’t seem to be one. I’ve tried figuring out how to mount sunglasses (Oakley Sutros and jawbreakers) l. Doesn’t seem to be a way. A flaw in my book, but the helmet is so good. And that coming from having experienced a giro Aether as my helmet before this.


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