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New Light and Motion Seca 900 and Stella 300 Lights

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Light and Motion has released two new bike lights, one for racing and one for commuting.

The Seca 900 becomes the new top-of-the-line mountain bike light for them, pumping out a wicked bright 900 lumens and available with their normal 6-cell battery or the “Ultra” 9-cell version.  The Stella gets three new models, the 300 Dual and 150L and 150N.

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Seca 900 Ultra: When Nothing But the Best and Brightest Will Do

Light & Motion combines their custom engineered reflector with 6 of the latest Cree R2 high-output LED’s to create the most powerful, lightest weight bike light on the market. The Seca head is a featherweight 200 grams, which is teamed up with a powerful 9-cell Li-ion battery for a remarkable 3.5 hours of run time on high. The 900 Ultra features multiple output settings, handlebar and helmet mounting options, as well as a rapid 3-hour recharge time.


  • Four output settings and two use modes (Cruise and Race) for optimal light output and maximum run times
  • Race Mode toggles between just the High and Low settings, allowing for easy one-click changes during competition
  • Custom-engineered reflector delivers optimized beam pattern with broad coverage and a long line of sight
  • Multi-Chemistry Smart Charger provides a 3.5-hour recharge time
  • 9-cell 11.1v Li-ion battery (weight: 486g)
  • Seca 900 Ultra system weight: 686g (including tool-free mount)
  • Low battery warning and auto shut-off presents on our backlit button and through front emitters
  • Tool-free handlebar and helmet mount included
  • MSRP: $699.99

Seca 900: The Lightest, Brightest, Bike Light Period!

The Seca 900 combines six Cree R2 high performance LEDs with a new high efficiency driver circuit to deliver 900 lumens of rideable light. Independent testing labs have verified that the Seca 900 delivers over 200 lumens more light to the trail than the Lupine Betty, the previous record holder, and with its efficient driver circuit, sustains that output for a remarkable 2.5 hours from a modest 320-gram battery. Seca’s proprietary custom reflector delivers an optimized beam pattern providing ample flood coverage and a concentrated center spot for a long line of sight.

  • Output on high: 900 lumens // Run Time: 2:30—10:00 hours // System Weight: 520g
  • Smart charger
  • MSRP: $649.99


Stella 300 Dual: The lightest dual-head system on the market

Stella’s two-headed, 300-lumen package (photos above and below) gets you out onto the trail for under $300 while delivering a strong spot beam pattern from one head and fill-in flood light from the other. The Stella 300 system is 10% lighter and runs for 25% longer than other dual systems.

  • Output on high: 300 lumens // Run Time: 2:00—8:00 hours // Weight: 300g
  • Smart Charger
  • MSRP: $299.99


Stella 150L

Utilizing Light & Motion’s new 2-cell lithium-ion battery and an all-new driver circuit the low profile, compact Stella 150L is a feathery light 197 grams complete.  It delivers a powerful 150-lumen beam for 4 hours!  The beam pattern delivers a focused center spot with clean even perimeter fill light from a custom designed reflector.  The new high performance 2-cell Li-ion battery pack features a removable attachment clip and quick fix rubber strap to provide you with easy mounting options for bike or helmet.

  • Ouput on high: 150 lumens // Run Time: 4:00—8:00 hours // Weight: 197g
  • Smart charger
  • Helmet mount
  • MSRP: $229.99

Stella 150N

The Stella 150N delivers 150 lumens of light for over 2.5 hours at an extremely competitive price of $169.99.  It’s both $40 cheaper and 30 grams lighter than its closest competition while delivering the same light output. The Stella 150N is powered by Light & Motion’s new “Low Self-Discharge” Nickel Metal-Hydride (NiMH) pack, which dramatically improves longevity over earlier NiMH packs.

  • Ouput on high: 150 lumens // Run Time: 2:30—10:00 hours // Weight: 200g
  • High, medium, and flash modes
  • Helmet mount
  • Trickle charger
  • MSRP: $169.99

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14 years ago

the seca 900 is so dope. I originally thought that it would be overkill, since I currently had a seca 700 on bar, and stella 200 on the lid. But now that I replaced the 700 with the 900, holy sh#t!! I’ve never experienced anything like it on a night ride. I might as well have not had the stella even turned on!

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