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New MRP Lift Dampers Custom Tune Your Fork; Plus New Ribbon LT Forks

mountain biker riding MRP Ribbon LT fork down steep incline

With virtually every stock fork on the market, you get whatever compression damping tune it comes with, regardless of your weight or riding style. But the new MRP Lift damper has five distinct compression tunes, letting you choose the right one for you.

Covering riders from 110lbs to 270lbs, the new Lift damper comes stock in their new Ribbon LT and Ribbon LT Coil forks (featured at bottom of this post). The Lift damper is also available separately as an upgrade for many Fox and Rockshox forks.

MRP Lift Damper for mountain bike suspension forks

There’s a bit of overlap between each damper’s target rider weights. This lets many riders choose between two tunes, whether they like a bit more or less compression damping. Here’s how they stack up:

MRP Lift Damper compression damping curves chart

The chart above shows how they compare, illustrating the compression force against shaft speed with the adjustment set fully open. Weight ranges for each are:

  • White – 110-150lbs
  • Yellow – 140-180lbs
  • Green – 170-210lbs
  • Blue – 200-240lbs
  • Red – 230-270lbs

Internally, the difference is the shim stacks on the high-speed compression damping circuit.

closeup of MRP Lift damper adjustment

The external knob has 12 clicks, and because each shim stack is more finely tuned for a specific rider weight range, they say each of those clicks offers more useable adjustments rather than have to cover a wide “let’s make it work for everyone” range.

The low-speed compression damping tune is preset, there’s no external adjustment for that. MRP says the pair (high and low) is tuned for a seamless transition between them, so handling and performance is predictable across all impact speeds.

mixed photos of MRP Ribbon fork with Lift damper

The coil-backed IFP, new IGUS seal flanges, and PTFE-coated pistons keep everything moving freely for extremely low stiction.

The damper cartridge is rated for 200 hours of ride time between service intervals. Each one is dyno tested before it’s shipped, too.

It’s available for earlier MRP Ribbon and Raven forks and fits most Fox and Rockshox forks with 35, 36, and 38 millimeter stanchions. The damper kit is $399.95 on its own.

2025 MRP Ribbon LT forks

MRP Ribbon LT MTB forks with new Lift damper

The Ribbon LT forks come with either air or coil springs. Both get their new ACV (Automatic Casting Vent) that relieves excess air pressure in the lowers without needing a manual bleed valve. And all of their forks now come with premium metallic graphics and can be ordered with one of 19 ShredKOTE (Cerakote) colors on the lowers and crown.

The Ribbon Coil otherwise carries over unchanged, with travel from 150-170mm. The Ribbon LT, though, gets an all-new FullFill 2 air spring, which they say is the most adjustable on the market. It lets you set positive and negative air chambers independently, and you can adjust the negative air spring’s volume. Make it smaller for a firmer, more XC race-ready fork, or go bigger for a plusher, softer feel.

It also uses their Ramp Control, which lets you run lower air pressure while essentially giving you speed-sensitive ramp adjustments. We covered this technology in detail here if you’d like to see exactly how it works.


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1 month ago

ShredKOTE? Really??!!

1 month ago
Reply to  Greg

It’s all about the branding, baby! If you can fool ’em with a name, you can game ’em all the same.

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