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New Niner Jet 9 – The Full Story and Specs

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new redesigned 2010 niner jet9 full suspension xc 29er mountain bike

It couldn’t come soon enough for many riders, and now that the totally redesigned Niner Jet 9 is in full production, they’ve released their first set of photos comparing the new model to the old.

After issuing a full recall, Niner set to work redesigning the entire frame…every linkage, tube and part…to ensure the new bike would be stronger and stiffer.  We rode the original Jet 9 when we reviewed the Rip 9, and it was a great bike, so we’re as excited as anyone else to get our hands on this new model.  For now, we’ll have to settle for some photos showing how they’ve improved upon an already great bike (albeit one that suffered from a few manufacturing issues).

Let’s dive in, shall we?


The new Jet 9 began with FEA (Finite Element Analysis computer modeling) and borrows from the real-world testing of their WFO 9 and RIP 9 models.  Up front, it gets the tapered headtube like the others, which not only gives a taller tube to weld the top- and downtubes to, but creates a stiffer steering section. The result should be truer tracking and more precise steering.

The taller headtube also gives them room to use an integrated headset, so the overall stack height versus the old design with standard headset will be the same.  Niner claims this gives it a 14% increase in torsional stiffness.


Moving back, the larger headtube diameter allows for wider, larger top- and downtubes, which will further strengthen the frame.  Due to miracles of physics, larger thinner tubes can be stronger than smaller, thicker tubes while keeping the weight the same (or in some cases less). Comparing size mediums, the new Niner Jet 9 with integrated headset installed is only 20g heavier than the old version with a Chris King HS.

Plus, it looks bomber.


Case in point: The new hydroformed downtube (left) uses a triangularly ovalized shape that’s 48mm wide at it’s widest point…a full 4mm wider than the round tube from the original.  The diameter of the top tube grew, also.


The new Jet 9 gets all new forgings for the Chainstay and Seatstay yokes and used box-section chainstays (right).  The shorter chainstay yoke allows for longer, straighter chainstays, which increases tire clearance.  It also makes the rear triangle 28% stiffer than the previous design.


The new Jet 9 also gets the nicely “riveted” bearing bolt caps of the RIP and WFO. (New frame on Right)


Up top, they’ve created a one-piece forged seatstay yoke (new, on right) to reduce the number of pieces required to fabricate the rear end and increase stiffness.  The result is a strong I-beam yoke instead of the round tube on the original that better resists flex and improves suspension actuation for better traction.  The new design appears to be slightly wider, too, aiding mud clearance and/or letting you run fatter tires.


They also switched to box section seatstays to match the chainstays, further stiffening the rear end.


Click to enlarge.  Niner says new bikes will start shipping at the end of April barring any customs or shipping hold ups, and you can follow the production process on their Facebook page (you don’t have to be a fan or have an account to view the page…but while you’re there, check out the Bikerumor page, too!).  Those waiting for replacement warranty frames will have priority, but go ahead and let your dealer know if you want one so you can get on the list.

Frame, fork and FSA integrated headset will retail for $1,749.  It’ll be available in Vana White, Licorice Ano (black) and Kermit Green.

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13 years ago

Well done….

But we’re already two steps ahead…

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