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Breck Epic Redux – Stages 1 and 2, Plus Bikerumor Media Cupdate

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Day one at the Breck Epic was a brutal ride up ridiculous climbs and bumpy descents. There’s no pleasant way to put it, and I was one hurt puppy after it was over. With a finishing time of 5h15m, it put me firmly in last place among the Bikerumor Media Cup contenders. Dickie and Peter had about 45 minutes on me and the others, well, they’re in a league of their own.

There were a few redeeming sections of singletrack, and some great sites like the old mining shack above (remnants of these are littered through the forest everywhere…I saw one today that was a simple A-frame with an old toilet in it).

More pics and visuals after the break…

This is me looking fresh at the first sag stop on day one.

Jeremiah Bishop, who has won both days so far, hams it up on the start of day two. Sponsors, take note, this guy doesn’t turn off. In the 10 minutes I’ve talked to him so far this week, he’s told me about his Cannondale bikes, Schwalbe tires and Mavic wheels. Super nice guy.

A panda shot of yours truly mid stage. I was trying to get another run down mining shack in the background, but my very tired head got in the way. BTW, that helmet did its job later in the day in a high speed roll through the tall grass when my tire grabbed the raised side of the trail and threw me off the side. Fastest wreck I’ve ever had and fortunately no injuries!

From left to right: Me (Tyler), Peter (Misfit Psycles, eh) and Dicky. I beat Dicky today by 8 seconds…just wanted to put that out there. Reel him in slowly but surely, yep, that’s the plan.

Today’s stage was easier despite having more elevation gain. We rode a good bit of the Colorado Trail, which was phenomenal…the stuff of postcards and bike magazine pictorials…which makes me think I need to stop and take more photos since my legs’ lack of power have relegated me to ‘participant’ rather than ‘competitor.’

Seeing as how Shannon, Jasen and Jordan are bringing the heat, we decided to make things point based rather than time based, and we’re throwing in a few off the bike challenges. Tonights shenanigans involved some Sunshine Wheat generously donated by our first unofficial sponsor for the Cup, New Belgium. And that brings us to our newest competitor in the BMC, Sarah from New Belgium, who not only brought the beer, but schooled several of us today on the trail.

Go time! Game: see who can pour the beer into the cup and drink the entire can’s contents first without spilling any.

Shannon, looking a little worse for the wear, but he freakin’ won this challenge, too, giving him a solid lead. Plans for evening the score: backfired.


Dicky and Sarah fighting back the bubbles.


Good times. It’s late, and tomorrow is a hellishly long stage with tons of climbing that takes us across the continental divide twice, but promises some stellar descents and singletrack as the payoff. Night, night.

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